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Tuesday Roundup: Andy Jenkins homers


Aug 21, 2002
Reaction score
The Isotopes score 4 in the 8th, 6 in the 9th to beat Oklahoma 11-8
  • Robert Andino: 1/5 r rbi 4k
  • Reggie Abercrombie: 0/3 k
  • Chad Hermansen: 3/4 r rbi bb k sb(2)
  • Val Pascucci: 2/5 r hr(8) 5rbi 2k
  • John Baker: 1/1 2r 2b
  • Chris George: 5ip 7h 8r(8er) 5bb 3k2hr
  • Matt Yourkin: 2ip 0h 0bb 2k
  • Roy Corcoran: (W, 1-1) 1ip 1h 0r bb k
  • Justin Miller: (S,3) 1ip 1h 0r 0bb 2k
Vince Harrison drives in Brett Hayes in the 12th inning to lead Jupiter to a 5-4 win over the Mets
  • Brett Hayes: 1/5 r bb k
  • Gaby Sanchez: 2/3 r bb
  • Brad McCann: 0/4 3k
  • Kris Harvey: 0/3 r 3bb k
  • Vince Harrison: 2/5 3rbi bb
  • JT Restko: 1/6 bb 3k
  • Andy Jenkins: 2/6 r hr(1) rbi
  • Ryan Tucker: 4.1ip 8h 4r(4er) 3bb k
  • Chris Mobley: 3.2ip 1h 0r 0bb k
  • Mauro Zarate: (W, 1-2) 3ip 1h 0r 2bb k
  • Todd Doolittle: (S,6) 1ip 1h 0r 0bb 0k
John Raynor walks with the bases loaded in the 13th, as the Grasshoppers beat Delmarva 3-2
  • John Raynor: 0/4 r rbi 2bb 3k
  • Chris Coghlan: 0/5 k
  • Scott Cousins: 0/5 k
  • Logan Morrison: 0/3 r bb 2k sb(1)
  • Daniel Garcia: 2/5 2b 2k
  • Graham Taylor: 8ip 4h 1r(1er) 0bb 8k
  • Jason Iehl: 2ip 1h 0r bb 3k
  • Blake Jones: (BS,1)(W, 1-0) 2ip 1h 1r(1er) 0bb 3k
Carolina was off tonight.


3 BB for Harvey looks promising.

Greensboro hitters...well, uh, get em tomorrow(I know they won but that is yuck right there).

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