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Uggla not concerned about sophomore jinx

Eddie Altamonte

Dec 31, 2005
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Uggla says Marlins maintain high expectationsAssociated Press
Major League Baseball News Wire

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. -- Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla isn't
worried about the so-called sophomore slump.

Uggla hit .282 with 27 home runs last season for Florida and
became the player taken in the winter meeting draft to make an
All-Star team as a rookie. Uggla, who never played above Double-A
ball before last season, isn't worried about seeing his numbers
drop off.

"Not everybody has to go through it," Uggla said Tuesday.
"That's why you work hard in the offseason."

The Marlins, who were picked by many last year to lose 100 games
or more, finished 78-84 and were in contention for a playoff berth
until late September. Uggla knows fans will want to see a similar
performance this year.

"They're going to be expecting a lot more out of us," Uggla
said during a team luncheon. "But we expected a lot out of
ourselves last year. It's nothing new to us. We're all just
excited. We can't wait to start playing."

Florida general manager Admin Beinfest said "just about
everything" Uggla did last year surprised him, albeit pleasantly,
adding that he hopes Uggla and the rest of the Marlins' young core
of regular players find ways to match or exceed last year's levels.

"Our scouts saw him in the fall league and really liked his
bat," Beinfest said. "Did he exceed what we thought we were
getting? Yes. He had an unbelievably good year."

Uggla's goals are to score 100 runs and drive in 100.

"That's my goal every year," Uggla said. "And I scored 100
last year, but I only drove in 90, so obviously, I'm going to work
that much harder to try and drive in 100."

The offseason has been good to Uggla.

Instead of working for his brother's delivery company or
coaching hitting lessons, Uggla said he visited Las Vegas and spent
time with his family. Not having to spend the offseason working
allowed him to clear his mind and begin prepping for the new

"You don't make your season during the season," Uggla said.
"You make it in the offseason, if you prepare the right way, get
you body right, get your mind right."

Uggla said though there might be higher expectations for the
team this year, the group is approaching the season the same way
they did a year ago.

"We each have the same attitude," Uggla said. "We're still
young and excited, and we're going to be running around everywhere.
It's going to be the same as last year, I think. Just a few
different faces here and there."
May 9, 2005
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I can see 100 runs and 100 rbis from him. All he needs is to be put in the number 3 slot with Hanley and a healthy and effective Hermida and he's set.

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