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Upgrading Laptop Hard Drive


May 6, 2004
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I'm looking to upgrde my laptop's hard drive with some graduation money.

Some questions I have on the process:

What is a good way to be able to tell if a HD I want will go with my machine from a cooling standpoint?

Anyone have any past experience with a type of brand they would or would not recommend?

Will I be able to copy my existing drive's content perfectly so I would be able to immediately use the new drive without any losses of time or data? I'd rather not have to re-install or have to do the hokie pokie with my externals and spend a lot of time transferring things and having my music library and stuff go to sh*t.

If it makes any difference for that potential transfer and copying, I have a desktop at my disposal I could use if it would be needed to aid in the act.

Thanks in advance.

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