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Wednesday Roundup: Coghlan homers twice


Aug 21, 2002
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Jesus Delgado deals, Hayes and Mitchell homer in 9-2 Mudcats win over Huntsville
  • Dante Brinkley: 1/5 r k
  • Chase Lambin: 1/4 r bb k
  • Grant Psomas: 0/2 r rbi 3bb k
  • Lee Mitchell: 2/4 r hr(8) 3rbi
  • Vince Harrison: 2/4 r hr(1) rbi
  • Brett Hayes: 2/4 r hr(2) rbi k......... <3
  • Brad McCann: PH, 1/1 r
  • Jesus Delgado: (W, 3-3) 6ip 4h 1r(1er) 3bb 5k
  • Harvey Garcia: 1ip 1h 0r bb k
  • Scott Tyler: 1ip 0h 0r 0bb k.... just off the DL
  • Scott Nestor: 1ip 1h 1r(1er) 0bb k
Volstad with another shaky outing as the Hammerheads lose 6-1 to Brevard County
  • Kris Harvey: 1/4
  • Gaby Sanchez: 0/4
  • Andy Jenkins: 1/4 k
  • JT Restko: 0/4 r
  • Torre Langley: 2/3 2b rbi k
  • Chris Volstad: (L, 3-4) 6.1ip 8h 4r(4er) 3bb 2k
  • Wes Letson: 0ip 3h 2r(2er) bb 0k
  • Chris Mobley: 1.2 perfect innings.... era down to 2.00 in 18ip
  • Jeff Gogal: 1ip 2h 0r 0bb 0k
Chris Coghlan homers twice but the Grasshoppers fall 14-10 to West Virginia
  • John Raynor: 1/4 2r bb k
  • Chris Coghlan: 4/5 4r 2hr(4,5) 4rbi
  • Jacob Blackwood: 3/5 r rbi
  • Spike McDougall: 1/4 2b k
  • Scott Cousins: 1/5 r 2b rbi k
  • Greg Burns: 0/4 r k
  • Sandy Rosario: (L, 0-1) 2.2ip 4h 5r(5er) bb k
  • Derell McCall: 1.1ip 4h 3r(2er) 0bb k hr
  • Chris Leroux: 2ip 3h 3r(3er) 0bb 2k hr
  • Jay Buente: 2ip 1h 0r 3bb 3k
  • Don Czyz: 1ip 3h 3r(1er) 0bb 0k
Isotopes were off tonight and allowed to go watch Reggie hit a homerun off Zach Duke at their local watering hole.


Nice to see a good night at the play for Langley!

And is there something wrong with VolSTUD?


Sep 8, 2004
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I'd like to see Coghlan, Graham Taylor and John Raynor promoted to Jupiter ASAP.

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