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Why it makes sense to disregard cliches


Why It Makes Sense to Beat a Dead Horse:

1. Sets an example for other horses. (that might be watching)
2. Aerobic workout.
3. Horse might not be dead yet. (Better safe than sorry. You can never be too careful.)
4. Tenderizes the meat.
5. Horse is unable to fight back.
6. Makes you feel good. (Provides a welcome relief from tension or anxiety.)

Why It Makes Sense to Dig a Hole for Yourself:

1. A good place to hide (that nobody else knows about)
2. The start of a new and possibly lucrative route to China. Unexpected earned income
3. Opportunity to gain expertise with earth moving equipment, including shovel
4. Show initiative. Much better than expecting someone to dig a hole for you
5. Allows you do something for yourself. Haven't you been spending more than enough time doing things for others...?
6. Practice making decisions. Put it just where you want it without having to consult a committee
7. Put your dead horse in it (See previous list.)

Why It Makes Sense to Bite the Hand That Feeds You:

1. Hand bound to betray you eventually. Preemptive strike. Get it before it gets you
2. Alleviate protein deficiency
3. Keep gums healthy
4. Hand less likely poisoned than food
5. Tastes good
6. Why not... ?

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