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"You Always Think You are Right!"

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Jason Dulle

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I made a comment to someone the other day that it is always easier to see others' errors than it is to see your own. That got me thinking about how everyone holds to opinions that conflict with others' opinions at one point or another, and yet everyone thinks they are the one who is right. It is often as the old saying, "Heresy is what you believe, orthodoxy is what I believe." The question I pose here is Is it wrong to think we are right? Not only do I believe that it is not wrong, but that it is natural and healthy to think so. People naturally want to be right, and always tend to think that whatever it is that we believe is right. That this is normal almost goes without saying, for if we thought we were wrong we would cease to believe whatever it is that was wrong and would believe that which was right instead. [...]Who wants to be wrong? Nobody. That is why humans argue with one another.[...]





Relativists do not like for anyone to claim they are right, and will often verbally berate those who claim to so be. If you find yourself being attacked on this level you can demonstrate to the relativist the impracticality of their position. Point out that all people think they are right in their current beliefs (including them), and would change their beliefs if they thought otherwise. No one continues to maintain belief in things they know to be wrong. This does not mean that we do not realize that we could be mistaken about something, but it does mean that humans only allow themselves to believe things they think to be right, not things they think to be wrong.


It is self-refuting for a relativist to say we are wrong for claiming to be right, because such a claim is based on their belief that they are right. Relativists have to presuppose the notion of right and wrong beliefs to object to our assertion that our belief is right. If it is wrong for us to believe we are right, the relativist Himself cannot claim to be right in believing it wrong, for such a belief asserts that he is right and we are wrong. His charge is as coherent as saying, "I can't speak one word of English." It is self-refuting.




This discussion is also relevant when discussing any matter of truth with an unbeliever, or even a fellow-believer for that matter. We must keep in mind that every person naturally thinks they are right, and will not surrender their beliefs until they can be demonstrated to be in error and replaced with right beliefs. It is not sufficient to merely present the truth to a person who is in error. For them to fully embrace the truth they must first be persuaded that their current belief is in error, or at least inferior to the new truth claim being presented to them. If they fail to be convinced that their current belief is wrong at best they will accept both beliefs as true in some fashion (resulting in confusion), and at worst they will reject the truth being given to them and continue to believe their error. If we cannot demonstrate to others why it is that their beliefs are wrong we will have a very difficult time getting them to see why it is that our beliefs are right.


The next time you are discussing Christ with a Buddhist, for example, keep in mind the fact that he is persuaded that his religion is right. The next time you are discussing the nature of the Christian God with a Jehovah's Witness, remember that he thinks he is right. How do we settle the question of truth in such situations? Is it simply by asserting what we believe to be true? No, because all this does is pit one person's assertion against another person's assertion. It is only by explaining and defending the truth of our position, and exposing the error of the opposing position that the question of truth will be settled.


[...] Just presenting someone with the truth does not dispel their false beliefs. You must show them the error of their beliefs and the truthfulness of your beliefs in order for them to expel the wrong beliefs from their minds that they have always believed to be right. To do this you must know both his doctrine and yours, be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each, and know how to defend the truth and expose error for what it is. Trying to convince someone who thinks they are right by merely asserting your beliefs is like trying to fill a cup with water that is already full of Pepsi. One must first dump out the Pepsi before the cup will be able to hold the water. So keep in mind that the person you are debating with or witnessing to believes that they are right and you are wrong, and that they will continue to believe so until you can show them the error of their belief and the truthfulness of yours.

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I had something like this on my website:

I Have The Right To Think I Am Always Right




I'll make this short.? I think I am always right about every issue I hold an opinion on.? Does that make me arrogant or a dick?


Arrogance, being the feeling you are superior to others, and a dick, the male sexual organ, doesn't seem to explain me.? You know why?? Every smart person thinks they are always right.


It is rather simple.? One can have an opinion or not have an opinion.? If one has an opinion, they either think their opinion is right all the time, not right ever, or somethimes right.


So one can either beleive their opinions are right, wrong, or not either.? When an opinion is neither right or wrong, it really is not an opinion, because an opinion is a belief held with confidence.? So one can either knowingly hold an opinion that they beleive is right or that they believe is wrong.? Who would knowingly hold a beleif that they think is wrong?? So the answer is simple, all people knowingly hold beliefs that they think are right.? Therefore, everyone thinks they are always right.


Am I right about everything?? No.? If you were to tell me, "How come the universe is expanding?" I could not give you a good answer.? However, for other things I CAN give you honest opinions, those being beliefs that I actively beleive are correct, opposed to incorrect.


So do not ever accuse me of thinking I am always right, because that just makes you an idiot.? Why?? Can you honestly say YOU hold opinions that you beleive are wrong?? No.


You see, when it came to religion, attempting to discuss something intelligentlly elicits non-responses or "hey, I have faith" or "you're not changing my mind" responses. So exactly how a christian can ever demonstrate to me they are right is impossible, because there is almost no chance on Earth that they are. Why? Because of simple logic and evidence to the contrary. You see people, that's what irritates me. I'm looked down upon for trying to be intelligent instead of willfully ignorant. What kind of crazy ass world do we live in?


You think faith is harmless? Think again. Illogical beliefs are all inherently based in faith. Racism requires faith because race does not even exist, wanting to vote Bush also needs a degree of faith. Faith only hurts society and our ability to make intelligent and rational decisions and it being an acceptable means to acquiring beliefs is totally insane. As long as the precedent is there, more immorality will only persist.


But of course, it is I being immoral...

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If you didn't think you were right, what would be the point of having an opinion?

exactly, we all think we are right. That's why the only way to get to the bottom of something is to duke it out.


How is this belief anything new? However, the belief of being right doesn't make you right. so might makes right?

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If you didn't think you were right, what would be the point of having an opinion?

exactly, we all think we are right. That's why the only way to get to the bottom of something is to duke it out.


How is this belief anything new? However, the belief of being right doesn't make you right. so might makes right? Yeah, if you think you are smarter than me, fly up to geneseo and we'll have a battle royale. I'll get the sickle and trident, you can have the rusty chain and dagger. Whoever dies is wrong.


No of course not, duke it out with words. If someone says, "Inflation is going to help our country improve employment" and someone's response is, "You're wrong dolt, end of story" then nothing is accomplished.

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