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Two Words: STA-ACKED


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C Mike Liberthal

C Jason Kendall

1B Mike Sweeny

2B Mark Loretta

SS Orlando Cabrera

3B Dmitri Young

IF Bill Mueller

LF Barry Bonds

CF Brian Giles

RF Vladimir Guerrero

OF Manny Ramirez


SP Curt Schilling

SP Pedro Martinez

SP Javier Vazquez

SP Kevin Brown

SP Woody Williams

Bn SP Jose Contreras

RP Billy Wagner

RP Trevor Hoffman

RP Joe Nathan

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Not bad, but I will take my 8 team fantasy league squad over yours.....


C AJ Pierzynski

1B Todd Helton

2B Jose Vidro

SS Edgar Renteria

3B Aramis Ramirez

LF Brian Giles

CF Juan Pierre

RF Magglio Ordonez

OF Raul Ibanez

OF Geoff Jenkins

BN Jacque Jones


SP Roy Halladay

SP Javier Vasquez

RP Mariano Rivera

RP Damaso Marte

P Bartolo Colon

P Roy Oswalt

P Armando Benitez

BN Carlos Zambrano

BN David Wells

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I'm in a 10 teamer I believe as well. This happened to be a 8 team one.


C I Rod

1B Pujols

2B Marcus Giles

SS Edgar Renteria

3B Corey Koskie (Young is on the DL)

OF Chipper Jones

OF Brian Giles

OF Reggie Sanders

Util Mike Sweeney

Util Edgar Martinez

Bench Burnitz

Bench Lieberthal

Bench Loretta

Bench Dmitri Young (dl)


SP Schilling

SP Loaiza

RP John Smoltz

RP Joe Nathan

P R. Soriano

P Chacon (I'm looking stupid with this one right now)

P Kevin Millwood

BN Escobar

BN Bautista

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