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What a great game!!!!!

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Hi everybody,


the opening game has just finished and that was the first time I could see a regular season game live here in Italy!!

I really enjoeyd the game!!

Josh was really tremendous and I was so happy also to see Levon in a good shape!! Great pitcher game!!

What a scare at the end with Fox and Benitez!!!

Perisho did a good job!

I love Choi and I am sure will have a fantastic season!!!

And what about Conine?? He was struggling and he did the single when needed!!!

He's the heart of the Marlins!!!


The season has just started..

.. just do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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And tomorrow my friend Massimo from Italy is coming to the game!!!!

So you will have the italian support in Miami too!!!

He's in London at the moment for a soccer game (he doesn't know the final yet, I am tring to call him!) but will get the plane and arrive at the ballgame in time for the first pitch!!!


I think I might come over again for ...

.. the postseason!!!!




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I didn't catch it, what was it?


By the way Beckett was stellar, & even though personal stats aren't what's important, he should've gotten the win today.


Nice job by Perisho to get out of the jam though.


& Choi introduced himself quite nicely to south florida. :thumbup

Beautiful day out at the park today, couldn't have asked for a nicer ceremony.

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Guest Juanky

Perisho's was "Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica. They only played the first minute though, so you it's understandable you missed it. I was actually yelling at the Expos guy to leave the box so I could hear the song :hat


Choi's music kicks ass too. Come to think of it, all of their music kicks ass. Best is still Juanpy though :cool

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Choi introduced himself perfectly fine in pregame introducions there was barley anybody clapping for him, but then when he came up for his second at bat he had the whole place going nuts. And today was a typical Marlins game a close game then we lose the lead but once again come through for the win.

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WHOOOHOOO ... great game, i was telling my friend right as Choi came up, that it would be a nice way to intruduce himself with a quick jack ... next thing BOOM wow ... Benitez at the end scared the living **it out of me, not cool mando.






ohh also, my car got hit by some gangstas ... :thumbdown

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