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Today's game

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Before the game, the U.S. Army Golden Nights parachuted out of a plane and into centerfield, after that there was a ceremony where the players received their awards from last year, Castillo was given his gold glove trophy, D-Train got the Jackie Robinson NL ROY trophy, etc. and then at the end Loria presented the World Series trophy. After that they showed this montage from the 2003 season up on the jumbotron and then they unveilved the new world series banner in right/center field. The banner is awesome, it's a mix that says 1997 on the left and 2003 on the right with the world series champions logo in the middle. After the banner was presented, some guy sand the Canadian national anthem and some country singer i've never heard of sang our national anthem, then two former Marlins and future hall of famers threw out the first pitch and the game began.

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Guest Juanky

The festivities were nice. Very well organized, nothing too flashy, what you come to expect from this organization. Very classy, not showing off but acknowledging the accomplishments of the team. All the awards were given out, but they didn't dwell on them. The banner itself looks awesome, props to Loria there. The dropping of the parachuters were cool, got some of it on tape. The one with two at the same time was nice as well. Very Nice in everything.

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Before the game, the U.S. Army Golden Nights parachuted out of a plane and into centerfield

Saw them do the same thing at Yankee Stadium last year, it's really cool. I like the fighter jet flyover better. One of the many reasons we must make it to the Playoffs.


The left field corner looks very empty without that '97 banner. But I think the RF wall is better because I think you will be able to see it on TV on every flyball to right or center.

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