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this series


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it is important to start the 1st series of the year in a good way. im going today to the game is anyone else because we could have a good first 4 games


game 1 55,318

game 2 *50,000 hopefully

game 3 40,000 ill be plenty happy

game 4 ring day there expecting 60,000


:thumbup good start


last year we averged 16,815 this year i would want 25,000

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I think tonight is going to be one of the smallest crowds of the week. Tomorow should be a good crowd because Dontrelle is pitching, and on Friday hopefully we will have a good walk up crowd. Saturday should have numbers like opening day. As for Sunday that should be intresting since it is easter and all.

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I dont know where you got 23,000 from but that might be a stretch. They said they 17,000 had been sold by today. But even if they just get 17,000 that is really good considering a) its wens b)its the expos c)for game two last year they drew 10,000 for the phillies.


But if we do get 20,000 today then we are in really good shape.

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17500+ is pretty good for a weeknight in April.

Hopefully we have 50000+ on Saturday. We haven't had 50000 twice in a week since... well, October, but before that never.

If we can get 17500+ on weeknights, then an additional 2500 once school lets out. And 25000 on weekends I'll be extremely happy.

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middle-of-the-week games never draw much.


game 2 in 2002 drew a little more than 5000 fans.


game 2 in 2003 drew a little more than 10000 fans.


i was expecting more, but 17000 fans isn't bad at all considering that tonight's heat game was by far the biggest ticket in town--it was a total sellout. it's the end of the season, and the heat are the hottest they've been in YEARS while in the midst of a major playoff race.


i was initially thinking about going to the marlins game tonight but decided against it at the last minute so i could watch the heat game... i think that might be the case for many others as well. i'd pick a heat game over a marlins game for the next 2-3 weeks--as would most people.


after the NBA season is over, i think the attendance will really pick up. it's been awhile since the marlins have had to compete with another local team before september... hehe.

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