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Who picks up spare change?


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Guest Juanky

I usually pick up anything in the floor ... its free money, why wouldnt you wanna take it ... i think its bad to pass out on money for being lazy, even if its just a penny ... i dont know im stupid like that

Agreed.....that's my philosophy. Money is money

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On a semi-related note:


Is there anything worse than having exact change for the vending machine and then dropping like, say, a dime and watching it go under it so you can't get it?


This has happened to me several times, it sucks.

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I pickup anychange. money is money.


Hey it makes you richer right?


You come in into a store with $5.


find a dime....now you are 10 cents richer than you were when you came in.

and you might need that dime or any money for another time.

you might regret it later.

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i'll pick up any coin unless it looks really dirty. i have an OCD type of urge to not leave coins lying on the ground.


it sucks when i'm around a lot of people and i see a penny on the ground. i want to pick it up, but i have to fight with myself to keep from looking cheap... hehe


on another note, my wallet is HUGE because of all the coins i keep in it. i need to go donate my pennies to ronald mcdonald house....

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