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04 Entrance Music


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Many players kept their 03 music, but can anyone help me out with the music for the following players:


Alex Gonzalez-

Mike Redmond-

Ramon Castro-

Hee Seop Choi-

Brad Penny-

Carl Pavano-



brad penny: has some guitar jingle


mike redmond: baby got back


ray castro: some g-unit song

alex gonzalez: has the same spanish song. the one line i know is "me gusta"


i think hee seop choi has the spice girls


i forget pavano's but i think it was eminem; i think . . .


we'll see tonight

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Penny has the nWo Black theme? I didn't recognize it. I'll listen more closely next time.

it is actually Hendrix.


but yes "Hollywood" Hogan used it while with the nWo


Standing next to a mountain.


Chop it down with the edge of my hand...

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