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Das Texan

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Start Nunez. *yawn*



Start Redmond over Castro. *yawn*



Waive Harris. *yawn*



Put Valdez at short. *yawn*




You people want to know something.




Nunez got a garbage hit. Big whoop.



Red cannot play everyday. Fact. Ask Red, he will tell you the exact same thing.



Harris I could care less about. He is not the reason this team is struggling.



Valdez is in the minors for a reason. Sea Bass gives you amazing defense..and you can live with a bad spot at one spot in the lineup.


Conine has struggle...True.



So what to do?



You want to bench Sea Bass? Fine.


You want to sit Conine a couple times a week? Fine.




You want to know who to start?






Damian Easley. I mean hell....you people dont seem that concerned with defense to start with. Offense is sexy, so screw defense is the idea I seem to get.



Nunez is lazy. Period.



One start. One spectacular day at the plate. I like that. We want to go knee-jerk?



Start Damian Easley.



Damian Easley > Abraham Nunez


Damian Easley > Wilson Valdez


Damian Easley > whomever else you have as a realistic option.





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I'm with you Das! I think benching Sea Bass, and starting Easley is a great idea! I don't see how anyone could object to it. In fact, when Easley did get his start, I was kinda hoping they'd start him over Sea Bass & not Louie.

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The previous message was brought to you by Das Texan, and may not be redistributed or dissiminated in any form without the expressed written consent of Das Texan. Practically no one on the board shares the opinion of the aforementioned poster and is not responsible for his content posted.


Thank You.

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can he play left? i like the thought of that

left field is the easiest outfield position to learn.




if he cant play it. I am sure he can figure it out in less than a week to at least not embarass himself.



and you people didnt even think about him.


You people are so infatuated with Nunez you completely overlooked Easley who has done more in one game than Nunez has done in all his appearances.


and i forgot completely about Mordi.




Mordi = Harris.



There is no need for both.

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Mordi and Lenny are valuable.


what we dont need is players with NO value who are only on said team due to contract situations ( out of options ) but on the other hand we NEEDED an able body to play CF just in case. so what can you do?


Jack is probably playing OMGNU?EZ! just to prove to some in the media or "fanbase" that the kid has skillz but just is not what people think he is. I do not mind him being on our team but he Fo Damn Sho doesnt need to play more than once every 10 games...


dissiminate that FOO

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i feel dirty.


and you should lololol



actually, I'd like to see Easley get more playing time. btw, Jburque (in Albuquerque) says Valdez's defense is stellar, but then we all saw that in ST.


The reason I think you'll see AGon moved is because our starting five (if you include AJ) will cost about $10 million more next season and you need guys like Nunez (or someone else) and Valdez to step it up to compensate.

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