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International humor


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UN has just finished its largest survey around the world.

The question: ?Please, tell us honestly: What is your opinion about the scarcity of food in the rest of the world?"


The results were very discouraging and the survey a total failure.


Europeans did not understand what ?scarcity? meant.


Africans had no idea what was ?food?.


Argentineans could not get the word ?please?.


Americans did not know what was meant by the ?rest of the world?.


Cubans did not know what an ?opinion? was.


And in the Colombian congress they are still debating what ?Honestly? means.

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The french have concluded that if indeed scarcity exists, it is the Americans fault.


The Africans surveyed died of starvation, shortly after.


The Argentineans were invaded by the English and now they really believe their blood is blue.


Americans still believe they are the entire world, specially after annexing the last three countries left in their hit list.


Cubans finally kicked Castro out, but now are ruled by the Evil Emperor of the US


The Colombian congress finally decided that the word "Honest" doesn't exist in their language and that it actually means "To steal and lie without regard".


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