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team autograph report


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At least one game every series at SF or Oakland, I try to get autographs from players on one of the team. Here's how it's been:


Texas: Didn't go

Seattle: I didn't get there early enough

Anaheim: 2 autographs (Aaron Sele, Mike Scioscia)

New York: 2 autographs (Jason Giambi, Joe Torre)


Games in SF

Milwaukee: 5 autographs (Geoff Jenkins, Danny Kolb, Junior Spivey, Doug Davis, Keith Ginter)

Los Angeles: don't want any autographs from them

San Diego: 5 autographs (Ryan Klesko, Ramon Hernandez, Terrence Long, Brian Buchanon, Bruce Bochy)

Atlanta: 6 autographs (JD Drew, Rafael Furcal, Mike Hampton, Johhny Estrada, DeWayne Wise, Adam LaRoche)

Florida: 4 autographs (Mike Redmond, Mike Mordecai, Damian Easley, Nate Bump)

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i got 233 autographs in One season.


but now its harder to get autographs. I dont know why, especially from the Marlins.


The Marlins dont sign anymore. Penny is a freakin a**hole.

Yeah, I know, the Marlins really don't like to sign much. When I was at a Spring Training game, i was trying to get autographs before workouts. Jeff Conine was there, and he said he was going to go into the locker room for an interview, but would come back to sign autographs. That never happened. Brad Penny signed for like 4 people before the game, and then left. Juan Pierre ignored everyone. Chad Fox refused to sign anything before he went in to pitch, and I had to leave the game before he did. Benitez ignored all the kids trying to get his autograph, while he literally just sat on his a**.

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This spring training I was able to get :


Alex Rodriguez

Don Mattingly x3

Ron Guidry x4

Greg Nettles x2

Mickey Rivers

Tony Clark x2

Juan Pierre

Luis Castillo

Dontrelle Willis

Tony Taylor

Ramon Castro x2

Alex Gonzalez x3

Mike Mordecai

Javy Lopez

Miguel Tejada x5

Rafael Palmeiro x2

Jay Gibbons x5

Tim Raines Jr.

Admin Bigbie x2

David Segui x2

Elrod Hendricks

Clay Bellinger Batting Glove

3 Game Balls

Armando Almanza Cracked Bat (Still in 1 piece)


I was also able to get Dontrelle Willis on the photo with JP on opening day by the duggout.... check it out

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