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Sorry but Nate and Fox Blew the game...


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Again easy to second guess when we are sitting on our couch wathing the game on a TV. McKeon didn't want to pitch Benitez for 2 innings, he had confidence in FOX, Fox didn't get it done so he gave it to Bump, Bump tried his best and got 2 K's and 2 Hits, it just sucks that he had the bases loaded when it happened. I personally would have gone to Benitez after Bump gave up the one hit. Keep it a tie game. But whatever McKeon is only human and he will make mistakes, last year he made a lot of stupid calls that somehow worked. =)

Hey, I know I'd have sent Fox out there too. He's our set up man. But if blame goes somewhere, it goes with Fox.

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even though coors is evil to pitchers who rely on their slider Fox said he doesnt believe in that technical stuff and that it's all in the execution. I still think Fox is the man.


I think Bump did a pretty good job considering and if we had used Armando sooner then you fools would have been complaining that we overused him later. Maybe it would have been better to leave Wayne in a little longer.

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Actually Bump struck out the first 2. Then the 3rd hitter hit a single which scored 2 guys. 1 went to third and the hitter to first. Now there are 2 men at the corners. Then he walked the next guy which was pretty dumb in myopinion for another bases loaded, then the next hitter hit a single or double *forgot* which scored 3 runs. 1 man left on bse, and they got the one more out they needed. over.


But that was yesterday... its over now :confused . Can't wait for the game today at 3! :D

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bump and fox blew it?


i suppose singlehandedly setting the all-time record for most HRs allowed by a marlins pitcher in one game doesn't count as blowing it?

forgive me if im wrong but (im not...) we were in the lead, he coulda given up eight for all I care, dont forget that cabrera homered to make it 10-8, so they did blow it.


And Josh Beckett is blowing this game, and yet noone starts a Beckett sucks thread...


allowing 4 runs in 7 innings is blowing it at coors? I think not.

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