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Reading for American South to 1865


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The South, vol. 1 Jeannette Keith Prentice Hall


Deerskin & Duffels Kathryn Braund Univ. of Nebraska Press


An Imperfect God: George Washington, His Slaves, and the Creation of America Henry Wiencek Farrar Straus & Giroux


American Slavery Peter Kolchin Hill & Wang


The Plantation Mistress: Woman's World in the Old South Catherine Clinton Random House


Apostles of Disunion Charles Dew Univ. Of Virginia Press


The Confederate War Gary Gallagher Harvard





Reading Apostles of Disunion now...I'll tell you of my conclusions later. Have you read any of these history doods or Furman? Whats your reading list for military history?

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the military history class is a joke. I think I'm taking American History 1820-1890 next fall, and the professor is pro-South. He wrote a book on the caning of Senator Sumner. This dude is apparently a badass. We'll see.

I hate anyone who is "pro-anything" because generally the professor is incredibly biased and can give 2 craps less about the truth.


by the way sham, tell me when you start reading We. No one even knows it exists, so I like discussing it with the few people that do!

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furman, I encourage you to go into these classes with an open mind. I know its tough because you've been indoctrinated by your family since your youth that things are the way they say they are. You only do yourself a disservice to go into a class just to have your beliefs validated. I dunno I guess its easier for me because despite my parents (racist, Confederate pigs) I dont really care which side is to blame, so I enter the debate with little bias.



Will do Soriano. I might begin it in Europe. :hat

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Cool man.


When are you going? I just finished finals today, thankfully.


Good luck studying for yours. What grade do you think you are pulling in?

Tomorrow is my final and I think I'm doing the best in this class compared to my other classes. I see no problem in getting an A. I did my presentation on the Underground Railroad and its effect on Northern Abolitionism.


I read Apostles of Disunion last night (short, interesting read) and Dew contends that the cause of the Civil War lie in the need for the South to maintain slavery and white supremecy. He comes to this conclusion by studying the speeches given by the Southern secession commissioners who were sent from the initial secessioners of the Deep 7. I tried to read the book in a non-critical fashion at first, so I could understand his arguments. I will probably read the book again later, critically.



I'm going wherever. I know a ton of people over there that range from London to Vienna to Athens, so I will travely broadly.

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How do you know all these people?

Some are relatives of my French teacher in high school. (I boinked her daughter) Most of them are friends that will be either backpacking in Europe or studying overseas. A bunch are Europeans I met at UF that were studying abroad in the States. And the rest are a few people I made acquantance with when I was last over there for my senior trip.

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