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Bussing Students

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My Solution To Inequitable Schooling and Racism


Take stupid suburban people and bus them to the city and take smart city people and bus them to the suburbs!




Why am I the first person to think of this? I have had it with juvenal delinquents and stupid morons that do not feel like trying to receive top notch educations. Furthermore, I am equally tired of people from the city that are exposed to s***ty inner-city schools with violence and poor education. Let?s stop rewarding the inept and make a system that fosters better educations for people that want them.




If I remember anything from my public school days, it is that by far the largest deterrent to learning anything was one of the following: a classroom of stupid/lazy people, violent jerks, or plain old delinquent jerks. I assume (because guys, people from ?the city? aren?t human, right?) that people in city schools are humans too, so they face the same problems?however, there is one difference. Kids in ?da ?burbs? are wannabe gangsters. Sure they might deal some pot, do some vandalism, do some petty violence, and act like delinquents, but they have no idea what it is like to be dodging gun fire, box cutters, gangs, and ect.




The violence in the cities has turned their schools into glorified daycare, because it is impossible to offer a decent education even when these schools get equal or MORE funding. Throwing money at the problem does not help, the system is too inefficient and not easily fixable?yet a 30 to 60 minute drive away there are perfectly good schools. So perfectly good people are exposed to bad education and bad surroundings and not given equitable schooling. We have kids in the suburbs throwing away their education and ruining others and we have kids in the cities wanting a good education and escape from intimidation, but unable to find a redoubt.




So let us take all the dumbass jerks from the suburbs and bus them into the city and take the people who want to work hard and bus them into good suburban schools. Participation in this program is mandatory and if you do not want to join, you cannot just drop out of school and deal drugs?you get automatically drafted into the U.S. army where they will give you the discipline your lousy parents were unable to give you.




This system would be awesome. Why?




-It rewards honest, non-violent, and non-juvenile hard working students with a good education.


-It kills two birds with one stone. How so? It offers higher quality education to high caliber students in the suburbs and the same for their city brethren. Furthermore, this simultaneously eliminates the need for Affirmative Action. If everyone who deserves good schooling gets it, the problem of an unequal education is fixed!


-Saves our government money. We can put the packs of animals into confined prisons/city schools and because all the animals are in one place, we can just use the surplus soldiers we now have to keep them in line. Furthermore, no longer would we have to pay so many people 50 grand for their college tuition?we are sure to draft plenty expendable people who refuse to go to the city. If they try to dodge the draft and go to Canada, that?s a plus, because we do not need these scum taking our government?s money via crime or social programs.


-There is additional incentive to work hard and not be a violent prick. If you work decently hard and not punch people in the back of the head and put graffiti all over your school, you can earn yourself a Grade A education.


-The suburban kids might learn some respect and earn what has virtually been handed to them their entire life: a good education and safe surroundings.


-Increased diversity! The exchange of thoughts and experiences from different backgrounds makes a far more stimulating learning environment. And in the inner city, it means there will be a lot of fun to be had in going after wannabe tough white guys?and I do not want to be racist, all pricks, no matter their ethnicity get bussed out of the suburbs.




Are there drawbacks? Yes, but let us analyze them and see if we can deal with them properly?




-Who?s bus and when does so and so get bussed?


That?s a good question. I say use the city buses to help deal with the unemployment and such. Furthermore, the smart city kids can be dropped off first and the dumb suburban kids can board those very buses and go to the city.


-What if a locality does not want to participate?


Fine, that?s its right. And it is also the federal government?s right to withdraw all federal grant money. How do you like them apples?


-Won?t city schools just become violent, oppressive, dangerous, and scary environments that are not conducive to learning?


And this is different from the current situation how? I truly think suburb kids would be scared straight and then be able to go back to their old schools.


-How about people?s rights?


f*** people?s rights. I have had it with giving people rights that take away mine and every other honest hard worker?s rights. They do not deserve rights. They deserve the right to learn how NOT to be a drain on society and NOT cause violence and NOT disrupt the learning environment. People from the city deserve rights too, let us stop sticking up for these spoiled brats.




I think the positive results from this method of bussing would have a far larger benefit to society than cost. It would help rid racism in many ways, it would give our army cannon fodder, it would rid our society of those who drain on it, and teach some people respect.



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When I was at Rockwell's Space Division in the early 80's (we built the Shuttles) I worked with quite a few other engineers there who had managed to work their way out of Watts and Compton, and through Cal State Fullerton, Long Beach, etc.


Compton was one of the worst places in the LA area in the early 80's, lots of gangs, crime etc - yet these folks I worked with managed to succeed in spite of all that. The common thread seemed to be their parents actually cared, and they were willing to do the work necessary to succeed.


In all things in life, there is always a choice. Some choose wisely with an eye to the future, others foolishly and suffer the consequences.

I think you give people too much freedom of choice. Theres so many factors that determine whether people have the motivation to work hard and succeed. You think people just sit around and say..."man I'd really like to be a loser someday."

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