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New Ballpark Similarities to Wrigley?

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Does anyone else see the potential similarities between the proposed new ballpark and Wrigley Field? Wrigley is on a traditional city block in a dense urban neighborhood, as would the new park. You also have the apartment buildings and duplexes on the south side of NW 3rd ST which would be behind right field. Imagine being able to sit on the roof of those buildings to watch a game, just as they do in Wrigley.


I'm not talking about tradition or even the potential design of the new park, just looking at the similarities in the layout of the surrouding neighborhood.

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I wanna know if its gonna be a pitchers or hitters ball park

people have said that it would have similar dimensions and features to the pro (traingle, teal monster) Another factor which could make it a pitcher's park is the wind. The stadium faces southeast, which is right into the prevailing wind in Miami during the spring and summer months.

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