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Moves that need to be made!!!!

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Way too many LOOGYs (left-handed one-out guys) in the bulllpen. Need to correct that problem.


Easley and Mordi have been quite adequate filling in at shortstop but I still don't know why Lenny Harris is on the team. Maybe we can have someone with speed, but we don't have lefthanded or switch-hitting bat with even ecent speed in AA or AAA.

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Bring Tejera up from AAA, send Oliver to the bullpen.Leave Wayne in the bullpen


Leave Easley at SS, until Gonzo decide to go to RF and stop trying to pull everything.


If they don't want to start Easley everyday, then start him when Castro in the line-up. That way the bottom of the order isn't 3up/3down.


*trades that looked to be on the horizon, if things don't change


A clutch hitter!!!! Has Pudge been missed? I would say so...


A set-up guy, if Fox is out for a long period of time



I understand its still early...The Marlins are still in first place, but I see serious problems down the road. This home stand is huge with both NL west leading team in town.

[i agree that Tejera should be brought back up and that Oliver should be sent to the pen or to the minors. Or Trade him. Just do something because he can't stay if he keeps screwing up! At least, hopefully, when Burnett come back Oliver isn't gonna be part of the rotation anymore!!! I sure hope Burnett come back fast!

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