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Fish of the Week May 10 - May 16

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Stats during the week


Pierre - .290 AVG 0 HR 3 RBI 2 SB 31 AB

Cabrera - .321 AVG 1 HR 5 RBI 28 AB

Lowell - .391 AVG 2 HR 2 RBI 23 AB

Penny - 1 W 1 L 2.13 ERA 12.2 IP 11 K 3 BB

Willis - 1 W 0 L 2.00 ERA 9 IP 1 K 2 BB

Benitez - 0 W 0 L 3 SV 0.00 ERA 3.1 IP 3 K 2 BB

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Guest Juanky

I don't know if it is the offense's lack of efficiency or Juanpy being that damn good that he gets on here even though he was slumping this week.


Anyways, I voted for the Big Poppa. He's our only reliable arm when the starter has to come out, and yesterday's performance was wicked awesome.

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Just a request. Could you put OBP% on there? It works better because I want to know how many times a player makes it on base, not jsut how many times they got a hit. Thanks either way. :)

agreed... runs scored might be useful, too.


from the look of those stats up there, it looks like cabs was the most valuable hitter with his 5 rbi, but i dont really know who got on base to get driven in.


either way, i picked penny for being outstanding both of his outings.

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