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Who are your teams?


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All The Pittsburgh teams

Uhhhh....no dude, I have a very good reason for liking the teams I do.


Its not my fault that I have moved alot in my lifetime too....


Plus, how can I be a bandwagoner when, The Red Sox haven't won crap since 1918...Ive like the Bucs since they were Orange and awful....Im a Bulls fan STILL....and Im from Carolina so I like the Canes, who stink now....

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Uhhh, no ass, I like the Red Sox because when I was little my dad took me to an ACC baseball game and I saw him play for Georgia Tech and he had a great game...I said I would go for the pro team that drafted him, thus the Sox.


I didint want to type all that.


But you had to be a jerk.

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Ahhh...the jealousy, dont P.M.S at me because your owner wont get his checkbook out of his ass and actually make your Bucos into contenders.


Hope you keep buying that Pirate merchandise and filling your owner's pockets!


At the least the Sox invest and put a good product on the field.

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Marlins, Panthers in NHL, Hoosiers


thats all


i kinda like the Heat but I dont live and die with them like I do those teams above

not an NFL fan?... what's up with that? I am an NFL fan


just dont have a team, and I hate the Dolphins

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Marlins & Juventus (soccer) are my top two teams no questions asked


Italy as world soccer team


2nd hand teams that I like


NBA: Clippers

NHL: Bruins

NFL: none ... could care less

Duke basketball


and since I follow soccer I will post this


- Leagues


Italian : Juventus (3rd place this year :crying )

Spanish: Celta Vigo ( being demoted to the 2nd division cuz they suck :crying )

English: Aston Villa ( 5th place and huge improvement :D )

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