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University of the South (Sewanee)


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A top liberal arts college, Sewanee or University of the South is deciding to change their name. Apparently being called University of the South "refer to the South's negative image and troubled history of race relations". :banghead


I have no problem with the school being called Sewanee: University of the South...but how does University of the South exude a negative image and/or racial problems? That's just taking things way to far.


And then the football conference, Dixie Conference, has to change their name...apparently "Dixie" is racist. Forget the fact that it pertains only to a region of the country....no, not the Confederacy, but the South (oops, that's racist...i mean, Southeastern states).



Why? Why is "Dixie" and "University of the South" racist?


I don't think one should be offended by a Confederate flag, but it absolutely AMAZES me that the term "South" or "Dixie" is considered racist!



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I read somewhere that only 1 in 14 white people in the south owned slaves...


This has gone too far. Now they are even changing names of schools from names of men who owned slaves. They even changed a Robert E. Lee elementary school to another name, just because he was the general of the Confederate army in the Civil War... :banghead

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It is political correctness gone to far, to be sure.


But, in the interest of equal time, remember that alot of the people in the south don't exactly discourage exhibiting symbols of the confederacy.


Jeez, some of the deep backwoods boys in the hills maintain a genuine dislike for the north. C'mon people, it's been 150 years.

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