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RAW 6/7


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RAW Thoughts:


Lawler actually looked like a real announcer.....What a way to start the show: reminding us of the Diva's competition. Yeah, that'll put butts in the seats [/schiavone]....Decent opening contest. Batista does look solid in the ring....FINALLY a wrestler throws the cameraman out of the dressing room when making TOP SECRET plans....Wow, I guess they don't have much in mind for A-Train in the immediate future....Triple H promo was decent. He can be motivated on the mic when he wants to be....


Boy, talk about two different weeks, two different reactions: La Resistance in Canada (big pop), La Resistance in U.S. (silence)....They're FINALLY pushing the Kane/Benoit match....Nitro v.s Eugene was hilarious. Is Nitro due for a repackaging or a move to Smackdown?....Michaels v.s Orton, I have to admit, I didn't see much what with switching between this and the Stanley Cup. What I saw was good though....I thought most of the signs in the crowd were pretty bad....

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Average show but they advanced alot of storylines.


Orton and Batista get better in ring all the time.


I was never big on Benoit as the main event and it probably would help Kane to actually hold the belt for more than one day...

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Everything I've seen of Batista proves to me he's a big star. And, has potential to be the best guy of the two young guys to come out of Evolution. He's got the look, I've seen some awesome mikework out of the guy (as opposed to Orton's awkward ones). Batista looks like early Brock Lesnar did. If WWE's smart they will continue to strike this vein of young talent.


I think Cena vs. Orton would have the potential to be the next Rock/Austin, if allowed to happen.


Nitro needs to go to OVW. That guy just plain sucks. That being said, if they continue down this path with Eugene he COULD be Hogan over. That old school moveset along with his innovative delivery make for one of the most entertaining wrestlers I've seen in WWE in a LONG time (maybe ever).


I was bored with Orton/Michaels. It just didn't seem important with hell in a cell on Sunday.


Lawler looked ridiculous. Nice "suit." And he looks more and more like Bischoff every week. Hair dyed jet black and all. Hey, Lawler, come to the realization you're old and live with it.

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