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For Rune: Burell signs $50mil extension with Phils

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Burell will be a Phillie for a while


PHILADELPHIA -- Left fielder Pat Burrell and the Philadelphia Phillies agreed Monday to a $50 million, six-year contract.


Burrell hit .282 with 37 homers and 116 RBI last year -- the best offensive performance on the Phillies since Mike Schmidt had 37 homers and 119 RBI in 1986. Burrell also struck out 153 times.


He is coming off an $8 million, five-year contract that paid him $1,275,000 last year.


Burrell gets a $1.5 million signing bonus, of which $1 million is payable upon approval, $250,000 on Jan. 15, 2004 and $250,000 the following Jan. 15.


He gets annual salaries of $1 million in 2003, $4 million in 2004, $7 million in 2005, $9.5 million in 2006, $13 million in 2007 and $14 million in 2008.


Burrell agreed to donate $100,000 during the contract to the Baseball Assistance Team and $150,000 to Phillies Charities Inc. for assisting youth baseball in the Delaware Valley.


The Phillies, hesitant to spend money in the past, are aggressively trying to improve as they prepare to move into a new ballpark in 2004.


Philadelphia signed Jim Thome to an $85 million, six-year contract and third baseman David Bell to a $17 million, four-year deal. They also acquired pitcher Kevin Millwood from Atlanta and agreed to a $9.9 million, one-year contract.

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