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6-14 RAW


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(Late) Raw Thoughts:


Overall, two segments MADE this show awesome. The first hour, it seemed like only one or two things happened....The opening segment were one of the great things from the show, especially the way they made it seem like a "big deal". Michaels sold the move great (as usual), and Kane gets more of his "monster" heat back. And nice tease of the almost handshake....Man, Tomko just doesn't have it. He looks REAL sloppy. Seems he can never stay on his feet, always slipping....


I don't know why WWE would've shown that LONG Joe Schmo promo. The only thing I could think of is that Spike TV made them do it....I agree with the outcome of the flag match. I know, it would've been sappy and very "Patriotic" to have Hurricane and Rosey win, but this just puts more heat on La Resistance. Plus, ya know, they ARE the tag champs....There is so much wrong with the Lita pregnancy angle, I don't know where to begin to complain....


The Highlight Reel was the second great thing about the show. Everything about it just seemed to click, and I especially like Trips not attacking Eugene. That would be something I would expect the writers to have done. The tease with "say PEDIGREE!" was genius....The women's tag was pretty painful to watch, except I loved J.R.'s quote: "Stacy jerking Gail off (the apron.)" That made me giggle. I am digging Gail's wrestling as of late....I gotta admit, I fell asleep during the main event, due to having to ya know, SLEEP before work today. Wish't I'd have seen it though.

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I liked the show, especially since it didnt turn into a Bad Blood repeat like they usually do.

If you would have stayed awake you would have seen why they had the long Joe Schmo preview, they made up for the lost time by having the main event not end until almost 11:30 so it wasnt lost time.

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