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Draft report card

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by teamonebaseball:


How they Drafted: There was a definite lean to high school players with the money picks, consistent with SD Stan Meek?s preferences. There are some raw high-ceiling types.


The First Pick: I would rate Jeff Allison among the best high school RHP prospects I?ve seen, behind current Marlin Josh Beckett and Matt White. There are drafts where he could have been among the first 2-3 picks, but teams have grown weary over the disturbing failure rate among high school righties in the first round. Allison?s fastball and curve already show "plus" potential and his pitchability is precocious. If all goes well, he can move within 3-4 years and the Marlins will be thrilled if he does.


Top-10 Rounds: Four of the first five were high school players, but four of the next five were out of college. RHP Logan Kensing in the 2nd round has a very good arm and the potential to become a solid big league starter. He had a rough second-half at Texas A&M by report, but I?ve seen him very good and so have the Marlins. He?s the most polished/closest to the big leagues among their draftees with Jeff Allison right behind him. 3rd-rounder Jon Fulton is a 6-3 shortstop with a lot of projection and good baseball instincts. He could turn into a power-hitting third baseman. The 4th and 5th-rounders are primary HS football players. Jai Miller is bound to play both football and basketball at Stanford; the Marlins have already signed him so it looks like he?ll probably quit basketball to be a college football/pro baseball player. Reports are that he has a great body, good speed, and a lot of athleticism, but it reasons to suspect his baseball skills are raw given the limited time he has put on the diamond. 5th-rounder Cole Seifrig is bound for Purdue as a wide receiver. After going for athletes, Meek drafted conservative college players by taking 3B Lee Mitchell in the sixth and LHP David Marchbanks from South Carolina in the seventh. Neither have high ceilings, but are polished at their respective positions and have the potential to be at least MLB role players.


Interesting Picks after Round 10: 13th-round RHP Chris Pillsbury has the size and arm-strength of a big league starter, but just hasn?t quite put it all together for Florida Atlantic. The Marlins hope he clicks with them. 20th-round OF Seferino Encarnacion is the younger brother of Marlins centerfielder Juan Encarnacion.There?s a mix of college, junior college, and high school picks in the later round. Most are organizational players, but there are likely a few draft-and-follows as well.


Overall Impression: The Marlins rolled the dice in the early rounds. The first two picks, Jeff Allison and Logan Kensing, should boost their pitching corps if they stay healthy and develop. The Marlins have struggled to keep their pitchers healthy in recent years, so time will tell. Miller and Seifrig will take a lot of time and development.

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