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10 Greatest Presidents of all time!


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You heard me, rank who you think are the 10 greatest Presidents of all time!


Here's my listings...




1. Abraham Lincoln

2. Franklin D. Roosevelt

3. Bill Clinton

4. John F. Kennedy (all of his policies were carried out by LBJ)

5. Richard Nixon (bad man, good president)

6. Theodore Roosevelt

7. James K. Polk

8. Thomas Jefferson

9. George Washington

10. George H. W. Bush (George Bush Sr. or George the 1st)

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Lincoln is the reason our government is so f*cked up today (I'm not talking about, "Oh Lincoln's a bastard, because I'm some Confederate who wishes we could have seceded")....I'm talking about how he centralized the government, got rid of states' rights. Being from a state means nothing now. I also blame him for the rise in big government. Government should NEVER be as big as it is today. What's the point in even voting for a senator or house representative? They mean nothing. Anything the state does, it has to be approved by the Supreme Court. It's gotten to the point where the State Constitution means nothing. It's a piece of paper. This is not what the intent was when we founded this country. Our country was formed as 13 separate states who VOLUNTARILY formed a Union. Lincoln could have emancipated slavery (which wasn't even his goal) without the bloodshed of 100s of thousands of Americans. It's dispicable what he's done to this country.


Anyway, I knew a lot about the myths of "Honest Abe The Emancipator", but I'm currently reading "The Real Lincoln" by Thomas DiLorenzo. I recommend it for everyone...sadly, no one will bother picking it up, thinking it's just some neo-Confederate propaganda.


The winners write the history books, and some people never try to find the truth out for themselves.


Anyway, Lincoln was a bastard.

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if you are too lazy to read the book, or don't know if you wanna spend money on it just yet, here is an interview with the author.




Big government conservatives don?t mind big government as long as people like themselves are in charge of it. They run the Bush administration, at the moment.


a reason why I have no idea who I'm voting for.

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Given sufficient time to judge differences. It will look like this after 10 or 20 years.




1. George Washington

2. Thomas Jefferson

3.Ronald Reagan

4.James Madison

5.Teddy Roosevelt

6.George W. Bush

7. FD Roosevelt

8. Richard Nixon

9.Andrew Jackson

10. U.S. Grant

not too shabby a list...i dunno bout Dubya and FDR (among others)...i feel their increase in big govt is hurting our country. And Grant was a bigoted scandal-maker who should have stuck to generalling.


But honestly, I like most of those.

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Reagan was an average President. One of the nicest guys to ever walk this Earth. But he screwed up the economy and helped his rich friends before he helped the common man. Give him credit though for dealing with the Soviets. He's average because he lacked on many issues, but was good on many.


George W Bush is the worst president ever, nuff said.


My great-great-great-great Grandfather was Thompson Glancy, Grants top advisor during the Civil War. But even so Grant is right there with Bush Jr., Carter, & Harding as the one of the worst presidents of our time.


And I have a tough time putting any of the founding fathers in the Top 10. Because people like Washington & Jefferson did their most famous work when they weren't Presidents, Washington as a General and Jefferson as a Senator and the writer of the Declaration of Independence. But that doesn't make them great presidents.


They essentially babysat the country when they were President because the basic foundation for the country was laid down before they were President and the country didn't start to truly grow as an economic, political, and military power until after the Civil War.

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reagan stepped into one of the toughest economies ever .. the late 70s had the deadly economic force of stagflation going on .. i think he did a rather good job in a situation that could of been horrible


I think he had to face some very tough situations while in office ... stagflation, a rather wide swinging economic cycle, the cold war, drugs, aids, being shot, terrorism, civil unrest throughout the nation and a general sense of dispair in the nation


I'm not saying that he dealt with all of them with great impact, but all in all he had a wide variety of issues to face in his 8 years


similar thoughts on FDR ... although I don't like big gov't he did what he felt he needed to do in a very tough economic climate ... it helped out at the time ... i didn't like him going for 4 terms though


Both these guys have a place in my top 10, which in no particular order would include


Reagan, FDR, Teddy R, Washington, Lincoln, Jackson, Truman, Nixon, Madison and as an oddball selection a guy whose thoughts I could stand behind for the time would be Hayes .... don't think he was the most successful, but he tried working a tough situation with states rights

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Guest Juanky

Jefferson plagerized a good portion of the Declaration.

Many ideas were from the European thinkers of the Age of Enlightenment, yes. However, he had the guts to put them all into practice, and we all know actions speak louder than words. If he would have had his way slavery would have been brought up in the Declaration, but the Congress couldn't afford to have the Southern States walk out on the revolution so the issue was kept out.


Also, the Lousiana Purchase is what is the most remembered, but he did slightly more than that. Among other things, he founded the father of the Democratic Party (though he was a conservative, you have to remember the alignments were opposite then). He was the first conservative president, eliminating unpopular taxes and getting rid of unnecessary expenditures while shaving a third off the debt. Though the seeds for the later war of 1812 were planted during his administration by both the English and the French (attacking US merchant ships while both were at each other's throats as Napolean raced free across Europe), he managed to keep the country out of Europe's matters and kept the country peaceful until he left office.

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