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Trying To Avoid a Speeding Ticket


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This guy gets a new Mercedes and he wats to test how fast it goes. As he steps on the gas he passes a cop. He starts speeding and then tries to give the cop a run for his money. After he hits 100 MPH he decides it has been enough and he pulls over.


The cop leaves his car and tells the guy, "MY vacation starts tommorow. If you give me a REALLY good excuse I will let you go."


The guy thinks for a moment and then he replies: "Three years ago my wife ran away with a cop. When I saw you coming, I figured you were trying to bring her back."



let me see how much Zs this one gets, its a classic though. Much like the joke, "My wife told me she wanted to go somewhere she never been before four our anniversry so I told her, 'How about the kitchen?'" Classic.

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