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What's the weirdest thing that ever happened to u?


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A lot of us may have experienced things that one can't explain. Most of the time, it's your imagination or you have been watching too many horror flicks.


As for my experience, it was strange. Hell yea, it was.


Anyway, when I was in middle school and sometimes in high school, I would spend my summers with my sister in Washington DC or with my brother in North Carolina, when he used to live there. My brother went to school at a beautiful college right smack in the middle of the mountains. A lot of stories of hauntings surround the place, but of course, they're all myths. I had this friend who lived in a little house by the college. I was hanging out with her one day at the house when her parents were out. All of a sudden, we hear something fall in the other room. We freaked out since the cat and the dog were with us the whole time. She went into the room and saw that something had fallen but didn't know how it fell. She said it must have been a ghost. I think back and laugh, but at that time I freaked out so much.


Another time, same college, same girl... we were walking around and in the mountains, was this very old little cemetery. We had wanted to take a look at it and read the names and dates. The dates dated back to the 19th century. You find that a lot in cemeteries up north. Well, she wanted to go but she was afraid to because she said that the cemetery was very dangerous. I ignored her and kept on walking towards the cemetery. She followed me. Then, when I walk up to the cemetery and start reading some names, all of a sudden, it starts storming. I turned around and saw a black cat staring at us. My friend was very superstitious so she freaked out and then she got me freaked out and we just ran and ran and ran all the way back to her place.


I know now it was just silly kid stuff, but dude, back then, it scared me like hell. LOL

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A lot of weird things happened when I was a kid. But I was a kid, so it was probably all in my imagination.


But there was this one thing that happened about a year ago... it was something I really can't explain, and i don't really want to talk about.


But I can talk about something that happened about 2 months ago. Me and my friends were sitting on a nice dock by the lake in the Moors. We were just talking and being silly. Then we saw this light in sky (it was night time) and I was like "UFO UFO"... I was just playing around cause I really thought it was a plane. Me and my friends just ignored it and we started talking again while staring at this thing. It stayed in one place and didn't move at all, so it couldn't have been a plane. Then it got ALOT brighter and then dimmed down, and got alot brighter and dimmed down again. We honestly didn't think it was a UFO... we were just thinking "oh it's nothing". But then It started moving in a little circle REAL fast and we were like "WTF is that?" Then it started going up and down. And all of a sudden it gets real bright again and it disappears.... I dunno what it was, but it was really weird. And I believe in other beings out of this world. I wasn't scared I was just amazed... and no this was not in my imagination. There were 2 other people with me who saw it. And i'm 100% positive it wasn't a plane.

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cool cool.


I was kinda hoping you'd say Campbell....no real reason. I had a friend that almost went there...they have a major in, no lie, Golf Course Management....that's what he wants to do.

I think I know who that is man... :blink:

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