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Why 6:05 and 3:05?

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I'm not in Florida so maybe I missed something, but why do we have weird start times on Saturday and Sundays? Sat. really pisses me off, because they start an hour early, the national blackout gets the game and I have to listen on the radio over the internet and can't watch.

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Guest Juanky

Well, as you might be aware, Saturday night is the biggest night of the week in Miami. The Marlins made a smart call by moving the time up on Saturday, so fans can get home, shower, and be out of their house by 10:30 or 11 and be able to both enjoy a Marlins game and be out on the town.


Sunday games are for a similar people constraint. The sun in Miami is way too hot for alot of people at 1:05. So to help those that would be too hot, and to kill the it's too hot excuse, the Marlins moved the time back so the sun is lower in the sky.

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Both teams use the 6 PM staurday starts because the fans would like to be able to eat dinner after the game and enjoy the nightlife.


The Marlins have the 3 PM sunday starts because the 1 PM timeslot means the sun is at the peak and is unbearable.


7:35 on fridays so people can dinner before coming to the park.


7:05 because that is the best weekday time we have found to work.

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I hate 7:35 start times because I always get home at like 11:30 and a lot of times even later than that if it's a slow game or goes into extra innings.


I wish the Marlins were like the Panthers and allowed their most loyal fans (season ticket holders) decide which weekday start times would be best. The Panthers sent out a poll to all of their season ticket holders on whether they would like weekday start times to be at 7pm or 7:30pm and the majority voted 7pm.

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