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Canes end FIU's undefeated season

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14th-ranked Miami (Fla.) continued to put a hex on Florida International University Wednesday night, handing the Golden Panthers their first loss of the season, 12-7, in Coral Gables. FIU was plagued by mental mistakes, which included three errors, in the loss.


In the top of the first, Miami retired the first three batters, getting senior outfielder Adam Summerell to line out to center, throwing freshman infielder Bryan Pullin out on a bunt attempt and striking out junior outfielder Ricardo Nanita.


Miami?s first batter of the year, Danny Figueroa, reached in the bottom half with a single, advanced to second on a balk, stole third, and then scored on a Gaby Sanchez sac fly. The Hurricanes increased their lead to two runs when Brian Barton hit a triple to score Jim Burt. With Barton on third, Matt Barket flied out to end the inning.


Miami added two more runs in the third, thanks to an inside-the-park home run by Adam Ricks, scoring Paco Figueroa. There was confusion on the play, as several players thought it was a ground-rule double, but both runners continued running, scoring on the play, and the ball was eventually ruled live.


The Golden Panthers got on the board in the fourth inning. Nanita got hit by a pitch to lead off the inning, and then freshman infielder Fernando Alvarez advanced him to third and got to second with a single and a Miami throwing error. Senior catcher Michael New knocked them both home with a single to left-center.


The Hurricanes answered in the bottom half with two more runs. Danny and Paco Figueroa both reached home on a fielding error.


The sixth inning proved productive for the Golden Panthers, as they scored five runs to grab the lead. Alvarez led off the inning with a solo home run, his first of the year, to cut the score to 6-3. Freshman infielder Luis Rivera added another run with an RBI single up the middle to score senior infielder Skip Adams. Sophomore infielder Dennis Diaz hit a single and Summerell walked to load the bases. Pullin then hit a three-run double to give FIU the lead.


Pullin was tossed from the game two batters later, when he was thrown out at the plate, for FIU?s final out of the inning. Pullin was charged with throwing his arms up at Miami catcher Erick San Pedro on the play.


Miami answered quickly again, scoring the final six runs of the game in the bottom half of the sixth. Ricks knocked in two runs with a single, Sanchez hit an RBI single, Greg Dini doubled to score two and Barton hit an RBI single, finishing the scoring.


?It was an emotional game,? FIU head coach Danny Price said. ?We grabbed the lead, but we just couldn?t hold onto it. We have to learn to keep our cool in situations like that.?


The high-scoring game left nine pitchers in its wake. Miami reliever J.D. Cockroft ended up with the win, pitching 3.1 innings and striking out three. The Golden Panthers started freshman walk-on Frank Gonzalez who only lasted two innings. In total, the Golden Panthers used six pitchers. Junior Arthur Santos was credited with the loss.


FIU next travels to Orlando, Fla. this Saturday to take on the Golden Knights of Central Florida. Gametime is scheduled for 1:00 p.m.


Poor Max and Marisel... GO CANES!!!

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Here's my analysis


Ok. I was at the game last night. One of the ones that actually stayed throughout the whole game. I just wanted to share my views of this game. Please respect them.


I arrived at the stadium at 6:30ish and there were very few FIU fans there at THAT time..So my guy and I decided to sit next to some other FIU fans, the only ones in the stands...Low and behold, those were parents of our guys. I was so happy to see the third base side fill up a little later and that made me feel more comfortable. I was also happy to see some of our football and basketball players there supporting the baseball team. Shows that they are united together. Mayor Manny Diaz was sitting there and so was Mike Lowell (although noone recognized him), both FIU Alumni.


All seemed fine, including the first inning, you know, it's baseball two runs could be made up in the rest of the game. Personally, I found that call in the second inning of the homerun that was really a ground-rule double, to be the start of things. What were the umps thinking?! Those were two runs right there. I understand that there's 3 umpires but I guess they can't see that the ball bounced off the warning track and over the fence (between the ads and fence). Channel 7 actually showed the play, the only one that did.


We scored the 5 runs...nice little comeback we had. I couldn't help but notice that the few FIU fans (compared to the 4,000+ in attendance), were louder than the Canes fans. I was somewhat surpised by that considering it was their Opening Game of the 2003 season.


As for the brawl and the professionalism issue I read about on here. I don't think that's the issue. This happens in the Majors too. The most "professional" player can get into brawls. I don't think that Danny Price is at fault for that. The two things I do see about the brawl is that 1.) it threw off the mental aspect of the game (lack of concentration after the incident) and 2.) it's sad because many of the FIU players grew up with the UM players. So it's like fighting against your friend.


Oh and this isn't really about the actual game, but in reference to the article posted on the Official FIU Athletics site (see main article above), Fernando Alvarez isn't a freshman nor an infielder. He's an outfielder and a junior. Would be nice if that would have the correct information too.



These are just my opinions and thoughts about the game. I don't feel bad for losing, because I am not a sore loser, but the Canes are overrated.


Just wait til April...UM is in OUR house and they will get the royal beat down and we will show everyone who is a better team....The heck with it...we had a better record last season than UM.





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If baseball was all about the regular season, then fine, FIU has had one better season than UM. But, UM was the one who was one out from making the World Series. I realize that neither of them actually made it, but UM turned it on when it counted. As for the crowd, at least there were 4000 Cane fans there. The opening FIU game had 600 fans. I realize it was cold for the FIU opener, but it was also on a Friday as opposed to a Wednesday. And as for being overrated, UM isnt even ranked in one of the polls, so I think they want to prove how good they are after a subpar seaosn last year. I didnt intend to start a debate, but the last post was heavily biased, so I thought it was my duty as a Cane to respond. When FIU has a baseball championship ring on each finger, then you can come say FIU is better than UM at baseball. Go Canes!

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Obviously they are biased Ross- hence "These are just my opinions."


UM has been around for how long? forever..


FIU--> 30 years....


Enough said on that point.


ok next about the crowd...wait until our game in April against UM...you will see about 4k+..


But still we were louder than the Canes fans which is pretty damn sad. Psstt and I don't think that there were 32 FIU fans there since 4,032 were in attendance...We must have counted for 500 or so. THe C-A-N-E-S CANES chant was being done by two high school kids that came from heritage baseball and it was pretty weak. Nonetheless, I saw this lady who swears that Lowell is "useless" (she's a marlins season tix holder) so that doesn't help the fact.


UM has gotten a crap load of infractions...FIU hasn't....clean program baby.


UM was ranked #14 in one of the polls...hence the overratedness....they aren't THAT good...


It's things like this that start up the rivalry so it isn't meaning to debate.



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lol. I know you can. :p

You would think my opinion would be different because I was guaranteed acceptance to UM, but FIU has been great to me and I stand loyal to my university. Regardless of what the critics say, we are underrated...

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Just thought i'd bump this up and mention that FIU has moved into the top 25 rankings with the 6-1 record. A tough game this Wednesday against # 21 FAU.




Collegiate Baseball Division I rankings


TUCSON, Ariz. ? The top 25 teams in the Collegiate Baseball poll with records through Feb. 9, point totals and previous ranking (voting by coaches, sports writers and sports information directors):




1. Texas 5-1 494 1

2. Florida State 5-1 493 2

3. Cal. State Fullerton 6-0 490 7

4. Rice 0-0 489 4

5. Georgia Tech 0-0 485 5

6. Louisiana State 3-0 484 6

7. Arizona State 14-1 480 9

8. South Carolina 2-1 477 8

9. Long Beach St. 3-3 474 13

10. Southern California 2-2 473 3

11. Mississippi State 0-0 468 11

12. Stanford 3-5 462 12

13. Houston 1-2 460 10

14. Miami, Fla. 3-1 458 14

15. Wake Forest 0-0 457 15

16. Richmond 0-0 456 16

17. Baylor 2-2 450 17

18. Clemson 0-0 449 18

19. Notre Dame 0-0 447 19

20. South Alabama 0-0 445 20

21. Florida Atlantic 5-0 444 21

22. Nebraska 0-0 438 22

23. Tulane 3-0 437 23

24. S.W. Missouri State 0-0 432 24

25. Fla. International 6-1 426 NR

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