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T.lee Signs....

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DRays now have the worst infield in the history of baseball...


Sandberg is solid..... the rest stuck...


and Travis Lee isnt good enough to be called TLee...... thats reserved for actual baseball players

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Jbeckett name a recent season where he excelled? If your going to say 2001 .250 20 HR's is not solid for what he should have done.


He is a big bust. Another example of how prospects are not guaranteed!

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What would that be, hitting .260?

Nope more like .290....he has shown signs that he can hit...i have a feeling he will hit good this season or maybe next.Then with his awesome defense he will be very good....keep in mind he is still young.... he has never hit better than .257 in any year.... and 32 isnt exactly a spring chicken

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