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940 Fox Sports Radio


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'Fraid there may be some bad news for sports talk radio down here.


Listening to StuGotz and Toast tis afternoon, apparently today is their last day on the air. They said that the station is set to change their format come Monday. And it's not gonna be sports talk anymore. Looks like no more Sedano, no more Rome, no more Tony Bruno... :thumbdown


I'm hoping that this won't come to pass, but if this does happen, then that leaves only WQAM for sports talk. And there's no chance that I'll listen to the Humper on the way home from work for sports.



I wish ESPN would hurry up and buy a station down here and put ESPN Radio on; there's been stories of that happening for a while now.

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I applaud this move, get back to WINZ and let's have 2 news/talk stations again. Sportstalk in South Florida is not needed. South Floridians have not the time, nor patience to listen to the hot air of these "sports" experts.


This also means the Heat will stay on WIOD and not be shafted to 940 and that if the Marlins were to consider leaving WQAM, they would likely end up on WIOD instead of 940.


This could be the start of the Marlins moving to WIOD.


Turn 940 back to WINZ/Supertalk so that way Phil Hendrie and Schnitt could be moved there along with some other talk shows and WIOD can be clear at night for sports like it used to be.


Heat Basketball (signed), Marlins Baseball (possible), and Sportstalk 610 (when no game is on) could make this move very profitable.

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Here is the reason why!


NewsRadio 610 WIOD welcomes?The Sean Hannity Show?! The show runs Monday through Friday from 7-10pm. The Phil Hendrie Show will be heard live from 10pm-1am followed by Coast to Coast from 1am-5am.


Sean Hannity is a multi-media superstar, spending hour?s everyday broadcasting in front of millions of American people on radio, television, and the Internet. As the host of ?The Sean Hannity Show? his voice is carried over more than 440 radio stations across the country reaching almost 12 million listeners each week. Additionally, Hannity?s website, www.hannity.com is among the most visited political websites on the Internet with more than 30 million page views and 600,000 unique visitors each month.


Hannity?s show has been hailed by Talker?s Magazine as ?The fastest growing syndicated talk show in talk radio history?. Moreover, Hannity is a two-time consecutive winner of Radio & Records National Talk Show Host of The Year Award (2003,2004).


In addition to his radio programming, Hannity is the author of best sellers, Deliver Us From Evil Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism as well as Let Freedom Ring Winning the War of Liberty Over Liberalism.

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Progressive Talk? That means you could see the likes of Randi Rhodes from the Liberal side (WJNO - Palm Beach), Dr. Laura could be put back on WINZ as a program that just interests the area and CC has a contract for, and you could see some other ones from NY, LA, and Chicago.

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Good riddance.


Lets' face it. Outside of Rome and Bruno 940 was crap, and they are syndicated.


Toast and Stu are absolute garbage, and Sedano isn't much better.


The only bad thing is this whole "progressive talk" format. Methinks that might be a really vague euphamism for CRAP.

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WRFX dropping sports


By Jim Sarni

Staff Writer

Posted July 10 2004


The game is over for Fox Sports Radio.


WRFX (940-AM) will switch its format from sports to politics when it joins the Liberal Talk Radio network Monday.


Station management wasn't talking Friday, but staffers were informed this week, and talk-show hosts were discussing the change on the air.


"It's like we're walking down The Green Mile, side by side," said Toast, who teams with Stugotz on the 3-6 p.m. show.


Radio is a volatile business, but the format change is surprising because WRFX seemed to be creating a niche for itself with a mix of national and local shows.


Tony Bruno and Jim Rome had loyal listeners, and the combination of Stugotz and Toast, followed by Jorge Sedano (6-8 p.m.), was developing a young, hipper audience. The station was making money, and ratings in the men's 18-34 demographic were good.


WRFX also provided a wealth of live events -- Florida Gators football and basketball, NASCAR, NFL, NBA, NHL and NCAA basketball.


The loss of Fox Sports Radio leaves South Florida with three sports-talk stations -- WQAM (560-AM), the undisputed leader, WFFL (1400-AM), which has been on the air for two months, and WEFL (760-AM), which is part of the ESPN radio network in West Palm Beach.


There is speculation that ESPN Radio is looking for a station in the Fort Lauderdale-Miami market.

Copyright ? 2004, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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Monsters pwn


that is all


We used to get the Monsters here in Fort Myers on Real Radio 100.1, but the rest of the lineup sucked so they scrapped it and moved Cat Country with it's NASCAR Radio to 100.1 and booted FM talk. You can get them on XM and online via Real Radio's Orlando website.

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Want a preview of the talk shows that 940 WINZ will air? Here is a look at Clear Channel owned sister station 620 KPOJ out of Portland, Oregon.




Looks like Air America will get on in SoFla after all. I welcome it, WIOD is conservative talk at it's best, with WINZ returning to liberal talk. WQBA is conservative anyway, so it's not like SoFla isn't spread out enough to have both a conservative and liberal talk radio station.


Here in Fort Myers we have a radio host called Guy James that talks on WPTK 1200.

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thats all i eva listen to i love Bruno been jammin to him since i was in the 9th grade back in high school.....


Rome was cool...... jim daniels rules...... and Scadono f***ing rocks.....


now what?


Hope WQAM or The Fan pick them up. I doubt that ESPN will pick up Bruno once they get a station in SoFla, Rome is possible, but not anyone else.


Fox Sports Radio really didn't have affiliates. There has to be another station in Miami to step up and pick up ESPN Radio. We get it here in Fort Myers, but we never got Rome or Bruno locally, always from Miami or Tampa...very bad signals.


You can try listening to Rome from his Key West affiliate which I get here pretty well at 1600 AM.

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