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"She Was A Great Lover"


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Britney Speard Ex talks about his 55 hour marriage.




'I'll remember our wedding night sex for ever' says Jason


MADE LOVE to him so frantically that they fell off the bed.


"I wanted to make love to her and she wasn't shy in showing what she wanted. We started off in the bedroom kissing. She was good at that?she was good at everything. She was an animal in bed.


"We were both hot so I led her into the bathroom. There was a huge shower head that sent water down on to us as though it was rain. We stripped off competely and got into the shower and Britney performed oral sex on me as the water ran down over both of us.


"Afterwards I led her back into the bedroom. At first she was on top of me and then I was on top. We did it every way you could. But it wasn't cheap. I really cared about her and it felt right.


"At times she was noisy. She didn't call me any names, she just moaned. We didn't use any precautions either."


After sex they fell asleep in each other's arms.


"I woke up and was really aroused again," said Jason. "Britney was asleep but when I tried it on with her she didn't hold back. She said she wanted to be with me and I told her I wanted to be with her.


"She said she wanted me to go with her on tour. I thought she was vulnerable and wanted to take care of her."


During the day, Britney and her friends went to the hotel spa while Jason chatted with her bodyguards.


"When she got back I was in the bath," he said. "She came in, stripped off and got into the tub with me. First we were scrubbing each other. Then she got on top of me and we had sex. She was a natural, with the most fantastic a*** I've ever felt. She was proud of her body and she often just wandered around with nothing on."


The following night it was off to Planet Hollywood for dinner.


He said: "Britney wanted to stay out and I wanted to go to bed, so she made me promise that if I made love to her all night we could go back to the room.


"The sex was mind-blowing and rough. We did it in every position you could think of. It was so wild we managed to fall off the bed together."


There was more sex the next night. "This time I remember she was wearing a beautiful purple and pink set of underwear," said Jason. "Afterwards, we were chatting in bed, cuddled up and naked, saying we didn't want the trip to end when she said, ?I want to ask you something but I don't know how to'.






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This can't be for real. Poor Britney..first Fred tells everyone she's got a jungle down below and now her ex hubby is writing lurid erotica about her for every dork to masturbate to.



*masturbates to story*

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