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Pete Gammons notes

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*The Marlins are telling teams that they will wait until July, then make their trade decisions on Castillo, Mike Lowell, Derrek Lee, et al. The Cubs still believe they will in the end get Lowell, but there are rumblings that if the Mariners could swallow the $14 million Jeff Cirillo has coming in 2004-2005, they could get in on Florida's All-Star third baseman.


by the way.....


*Florida's Double-A third base phenom Miguel Cabrera is now leading the Southern League in hits, slugging, doubles and RBI, while batting .366 with 10 homers.(OF Stephen Smitherman(REDS) leading HR 14)


*This is no knock at Derek Jeter, but Edgar Renteria may be a better player right now, at least in the regular season. It also might be unfair this season because of Jeter's shoulder. But Renteria and Rafael Furcal are star shortstops, and if infield coach Perry Hill can keep the Marlins' Alex Gonzalez focused, he can be as well.


I think A-Gon might already be there IMO...


* Luis Castillo again would sure look good leading off in Padreland.


*Or, if he wanted to see Reyes and the Marlins' Luis Castillo in the middle of the infield and at the top of the 2004 order, he could trade for Castillo in late July and get him signed.


...I think Castillo might be a hotter trade bait then Lowell




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Well, if he is traded to the Mets, I think Reyes would be in the deal...


I see the name Reyes in the line Pettie Gammons wrote, so I was thinking he is saying the Marlins would trade Luis for Reyes...


Correct me if I'm wrong...

no, he is saying the Mutts would deal something for Castillo, sign him and have a Reyes-Luis duo up the middle at Shea for the next few years.

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It isn't like they can't, though...

Yea after Phillip's departure I'm sure their looking to follow in his foot steps. :rolleyes:


Also Reyes is an untouchable If you watch Sportscenter and BT they have been talking about him for two years now...

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