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Millar/ Hollandworth"less"topic but is it really a

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"As the season progresses, the Marlins' failure to bring back Millar haunts them more. Instead, they signed free agent Todd Hollandsworth to play left field, and the results -- or lack thereof -- are telling."


*Is Millar a OF for Boston?


"Florida rationalizes letting Millar go because the club took money from the Japan transaction and signed pitcher Mark Redman, who came over from Detroit in a trade.


To be sure, Redman has been a steady force on a pitching staff ravaged by injuries. The left-hander is 5-2 with a 2.80 ERA."


*Atleast they(media) realize that Redman should be part of that Millar/Hollandsworth talk.


The Bottomline on this is Millar IS NOT an OF his a DH or below to average 1B. I agree they should have keep Millar and traded Lee and a V.Nunez(1.5 million) before the season. What about improvements in the OF? or the left-handed bat issue? It should have been address within the organization like a Brian Banks(who at the end of the season last season was batting .300 or close to it) or Abe Nunez. Was Hollandworth a mistake? Yes Was Redman a mistake? HELL NO! Thats should be the question when those Hollandworth/Millar issues are brought up.It's a pass for me but........ :confused




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I'm with you Edcanes. How long will they continue to beat this "dead horse"? Just wait til the Fish go to Boston.


Millar is gone. Hollandsworth & Redman are here. Deal with it.


Do you think the Sox would trade Millar for Redman? I'd say yes and in a New York minute.


Every team in baseball has made deals which they regret - it's all part of the game. Can't we just move on?


Go Fish!



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Also, can you imagine where the Fish would be after all the pitching injuries without Mark Redman? He's the staff leader in ERA for christ sakes... And I mentioned it before, but he's still outpitching Bartolo Colon so far, the guy who was supposed to be the big free-agent signing. Redman was described as the "consolation prize" the Marlins had to take.....

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I don't think there's any question that Banks is about to be handed the starting LF job. Hollandsworth has had his chance and I'm bettin' McKeon is the kind of manager who (unlike Torborg) wants to WIN TONIGHT.

Millar for Redman was a good deal unto itself and doubt many knowledgeable Marlins fans would disagree. I think the only reason we've seen Hollandsworth play at all the last two weeks was because management hoped he'd get hot so they could trade him out of here. My sense is McKeon has had enough. We'll see how this plays out between now and July 31st.

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