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Jeff Allison


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look at his comments in this recent herald article:


Top pick admits drug abuse


Allison, who signed for a $1.85 million bonus -- money he said is being held in abeyance by the club -- returned home to Peabody, Mass., in May. The team has placed him on its restricted list, meaning he won't get paid until he is reinstated.


''It's basically all on me when I want to come back,'' he said. ``It has nothing to do with [the Marlins] unless they release me.''


However, Allison said he doesn't want to return if that means another rehab program. ``I don't really agree with that because I don't have a problem anymore and I haven't in a while. I haven't for four to five months.''


que idiota

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Exactly. Oxycontin is basically legal heroin. It is a pain reliever. And boy is it. It doesnt surprise me that Allison in Wonderland would take some heroin IF he is off the Oxycontin. He needs that fix.


And he was a lost cause when this rumor started blowing around.

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I wonder if he's ever done or has been doing crank. Doubt it but it's a drug that will destroy you before it kills you and also has I believe the lowest chance of recovery. HBO did another excellent documentary on it about a year ago.


Looks like Allison will be joining Bush(I believe that's his name at least) as unemployed prospects. I would hope MLB addresses their diciplinary situation with the younger future stars.

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