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Here's some Finley Chatter from today's newspapers


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from the Arizona Tribune:


"D-Backs notebook: Finley ready, just in case

By Dan Zeiger, Tribune


In the Diamondbacks? clubhouse before Sunday?s game, Steve Finley took a duffel bag and stuffed it with bats.

?Your just-in-case bag?? said next-door-locker neighbor Luis Gonzalez.

Finley nodded his head.


?Veteran move,? Gonzalez said.


Finley was packing some extra luggage for Arizona?s seven-game road trip just in case he is traded before the July 31 deadline.


?Playing it safe,? he said.


San Diego, Florida, Philadelphia and Texas reportedly have shown interest in the center fielder.


Finley said Sunday that team management has not asked him to approve a potential deal. As a ?10-and-five man? ?10 years in the major leagues, five consecutive with same team ? Finley can veto any trade.


He reiterated that he will not approve a deal if it means a position switch. That could rule out the Marlins, who have Juan Pierre in center field.


Asked if the Padres were his preferred destination because he has a home in nearby Del Mar, Calif., Finley said, ?For obvious reasons, it would be the easiest for me.?


Finley did not rule out returning to Arizona for the 2005 season.


?I just want to go someplace where there?s a chance to win,? he said.


Does that define the Diamondbacks?


?Who knows?? Finley said. ?A lot can happen between now and spring.?




From the San Deigo Union:


"Padres expand Finley trade talks





By Tom Krasovic


July 26, 2004


LOS ANGELES ? In their ongoing attempt to get center fielder Steve Finley, which will succeed or fail this week, the Padres have shifted to other clubs in an effort to work a three-or four-team deal with Arizona.


The Padres have targeted, among others, Seattle, to put Finley on their side for a pennant drive. Colorado and Florida are other options for a complicated deal, according to a person close to the talks.


Arizona's wish list includes pitching, catching and third basemen.


The Padres are Finley's first choice, according to persons close to the center fielder. Finley, who has trade veto powers, could refuse a move to any club other than San Diego. But sources say Finley, eligible for free agency in November, has become more open to all contenders, rather than spending the final two months with an Arizona club on pace to lose more than 110 games.


Arizona has sought two of the Padres' best relievers.


According to a team source, Arizona rejected a few attractive Padres minor leaguers, saying it had advanced young talent at those spots.


Philadelphia, Florida, Texas and San Francisco reportedly have shown interest in Finley, but as of yesterday, Arizona hadn't sought Finley's approval. The Marlins also are scouting Colorado outfielder Admin Walker, who's guaranteed $12.5 million next season and has trade veto powers. Los Angeles also talked about Finley, perhaps in a bid to drive up his price for the rival Padres and Giants.


Clubs wishing to trade players without exposing them to waivers must do so before Sunday."




What I found most interesting is that his bags are packed, it's the Diamondbacks FO who are holding up a trade.

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