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Here is some background on Kimbo



Kimbo Slice (amazingly that's his last name) is an ex-con who did ten

years of hard time but was finally released about 10 months ago. He

fights in underground boxing matches from time to time winning purses

that range from 3-10 thousand gs. This year alone, he's 9-1. His lone

loss was suffered when his opponent used mace. Kimbo acknowledges the

loss because he says, "I shoulda kicked his ass much faster and knocked

the ***** out cold. And before the fight we said no weapons, but didn't

say no mace."


Backed by the owner of a popular Miami based porn website, Kimbo earned

his first 10 thousand dollar purse when he knocked out that same

opponent in a rematch. The bout took but a mere 10 seconds. Not taking

any chances, Kimbo pounced on his opponent 5 times after he was out



Kimbo is well aware that underground fighting is illegal but he cannot

help it. He can't earn a decent living through legit means because of

his prison track record. If you were a big bad ass in his situation and

someone came up to you and said, "I know someone who will fight you for

10 grand heads up", you might consider it also.


Kimbo is now considering turning pro through the advice of his cousin,

Emmanuel Augustus, and local boxing trainers in Miami. Once he turns

pro, he will leave his underground fighting days behind. As he

contemplates the countless possibilities, Kimbo will continue to fight

in underground battles to provide for himself and his disabled mother.

As Kimbo so eloquently put it, "That's how a ***** eat."


If you know any non-pro who is willing to wager 5-10 gs to go up against

kimbo, email his manager at kimboslice@hotmail.com

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Here is an interview with Kimbo


Interview with Kimbo Slice: Miami Street Fighting Legend


By A.I.



1. Kimbo are you a boxing fan? If so, who are your favorite fighters now and of all-time?


Yes, I?m a boxing fan. I watch it from time to time. My all-time favorites are Joe Frazier and Mike Tyson.


2. You are a big guy, exactly how tall are you and how much do you weigh?


I?m roughly 6?3, 240 pounds.


3. Have you ever lost a fight underground? What is your record if you know?


I?ve lost my share in the pen. I don?t keep track but I?ve won much more than I?ve lost. Since I was released almost one year ago, I?ve gone 9-1. My only loss was to a punk that brought mace to the dance. I was kicking his ass and he used the mace as I went in for the kill. I accept the loss. I?m a man. Before the fight we said no weapons but we didn?t say no mace. He regretted doing that. I knocked him out within ten seconds in our rematch and pounded on him five more times for insurance. He lost all his front teeth but we?re good friends now. It?s about respect.



4. What tools do you posess and what tools are you working on that you think will make you a professional threat?


I?ve got a powerful left hook and a lot of intensity. The intensity comes from the anger within. The establishment took ten years of my life and now I?m gonna take it back.


5. Are you in training right now to polish your boxing skills and if so how is that going?


I recently started training at a local gym here in Miami. I?m working on my conditioning and defense. I feel I done created a great offense from my days in the pen. That was Education 101.


6. Can you make noise in the heavyweight division? How long will it take?


That?s what my trainers think. They say the division is open and I might as well take a crack at it. We?ll see what happens. I?ll probably only need about ten pro fights before I?m ready to knock all them fools out.


7. Can you tell us about your time spent incarcerated and if that would pose a problem getting you licensed in any state professionally?


I was incarcerated for some bulls*** I didn?t do. Let?s leave it at that. I hope my past don?t come back to haunt me. This ****a gotta keep eatin.


8. Alot of people who will watch the tape of one of your fights will say you are an ultimate fighter not a boxer and that your a freak show not worth our time, what would you like to say to them?


I am a freak and that?s why people should pay to see me. I don?t box and do that pansy boy s***. I like to run this like Iron Mike.



9. Are there any plans for you to fight professionaly against a specific opponent any time soon?


We?re working on getting me licensed here in Miami. I might turn pro within a few months.


10. Do you want to be a champion or a freak puncher just to make some money? How commited are you to becoming a complete boxer?


I?m 32 years old dawg. I gots to make the dough to support myself and my disabled moms. God bless her soul. I live to bleed for that woman. I want to go as far as my power will take me.



11. How long will it take you after turning pro to become a good slugger-boxer and become a championship level fighter?


I have a lot of respect for the game. I know many of these fighters have been putting in their work for years. But they ain?t never been in the pen as long as I have. I have skills you can?t learn on the outside. I feel I?ll be ready for anyone within ten fights.


12. What would you like to say to our readers and hopefully your future fans?


I?d like to thank everyone who has sent me emails. If you liked what you saw in that short clip, come out and support me when I turn pro. I?m ready to run this. I?m out.


Id like to thank Marcos Rivera for setting up this interview

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