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Mr. Walker

Wild Card

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If we're only $1 Million and a relief pitcher away from acquiring him, people, it's going to happen. I know Conine has been hot as of late, but let him be hot with thin air. I want Admin Walker. Imagine what he can do for Cabrera offensively AND defensively (knowledge wise). Hell, he'll help all of our hitters. I don't think there is any way you can turn this deal down.

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its not that i dont want walker, i just dont want to get rid of conine. getting Lo Duca will be alot easier.


no need to trade Penny


LoDuca aint exactly Mike Piazza on offense


thats why this 3 way deal with yanks and arizona needs to go through. get contreras and then ship him to LA for Lo Duca. so we'll pretty much be giving up prospects for Lo Duca. :thumbup

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wild card im with ya on Walker. It would be a fantastic acquisition and after Conine's salary is taken off too, its not much a net increase on the payroll.


Lo Duca would be horrible. Let me repeat...horrible. His numbers are plummeting back to his career averages which are pretty much jokes. Yeah he is a catcher but his OBP isnt impressive and his slugging percentage is horrible. We need run producers. Check how many RBI he has driven in the past few years. And to give up Penny? Seriously, I understand why trading Penny might be needed but then could get a LOT more.


As far as Conine...this is baseball...there is no crying in baseball.

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how about the fact he is due around $12mil next year?



I'm pretty sure the Marlins would only pay him $6-7 Million of his contract next season.


And yes, Conine is a definate must for this deal to go through.




well besides the point that conine has to be part of the deal in order to even up the blow money wise, since conine is earning what? ... $2.5 - $3.5 so that will at least soften the whole deal up so we could get him


and honestly if we could end up paying anywhere between $6-8 mil for him for next year than it would be a good investment. even if theres the possibility of him getting injured (since thats the whole thing ya'll worried about) but walker is a sure shot at .300 avg with 20 jacks and 100 rbi ohh plus his defense thrown in there as icing


he will make our lineup THAT much better ... our outfield will improve defensely and offensively, instead of a half way player (batista, finley, lo duca, rondell white and whoever)


if there is a chance of landing Walker + reliever (which we could use) for some prospects and Conine than you do it ... NO WAY at the thought of getting rid of Penny for LoDuca


Walker > Finley

Walker > Conine

Penny > loduca

chance of going to the world series again: priceless



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Guest Guest

As I said once... if Conine leaves this team kiss the championship hopes goodbye.


Want to see intangibles? Trade away Conine and watch the team take a dive.


Last 4 days of the season in Phlly. You want Jeff Conine coming up or not? Give me a serious answer there. If you say no, then I guess you feel like dropping that series and kissing the playoffs goodbye.

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id hate to see conine leave since hes getting hot, but Admin it's not like we'd be getting a tomato can in return for him, i think you're over-reacting. Admin walker is an all-star caliber player. we WILL be in the post-season if we make this deal and Admin stays healthy and our 5 horses lead the way.

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everyone keeps saying we need a trade. Now conine is hot and we dont.But a hot conine is just as good as your average Admin walker. Admin walker deal is the only one that works out for us. If conine is involved in the trade dont seemed surprised if we see him back when his contract expires to be a hitting coach or something like that. His heart will always be with us.

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