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New Yankee Stadium?


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This is absurd. I'm a Marlins fan at heart, but I love the history and excellence of the Yankees. Imagining every fall, players today standing in the same places Ruth, Mantle, Dimaggio, Jackson and the like all stood and made history gives me goosebumps. It's always been referred to as the Cathedral of baseball. It is a HUGE tourist attraction in New York, and one of baseballs crown jewels. To lose something like this would be as if we tore down the Capitol building or White House and rebuilt a new, better one so we could get more people inside.


I really don't see why George can't make changes to the structure that is already there in order to get his 50-70 luxury boxes he wants. Do something with those CF bleachers that no one sits in.


As a longtime baseball fan that appreciates the history of the sport, I hope it stands long enough that I can take my kids and grandkids to a game one day at Yankee Stadium. The farther away we get from the early history of baseball, the more we need to preserve it. Yankee Stadium is more than just an old baseball stadium, it's the house that Ruth built and is a part of general American history. It should be a crime to tear it down or even abandon it.


If you want to talk about a curse in the making just piss off the Bambino by tearing down his house and see how many championships the Yankees what happens!


If the Yankees are going to abandon it, they should at least turn it into a huge museum or even possibly relocate the baseball hall of fame to Yankee Stadium. They could charge money to let you run the same bases of all the legends of days past, i'd take a trip up to New York City tomorrow if they let you do that.


Yankee Stadium is sacred ground, you don't go messing with it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I have faith in Steinbrenner and the Yankees and they will not abandon Yankee Stadium, if anyone remembers a few weeks ago how the organization refused to allow spiderman logos on the bases to preserve the history, I doubt they would abandon that very stadium.


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Yankee Stadium was rebuilt in the 70's. It is not the original structure other than some of it's backbone. This new stadium prevents the Yankees ownership from falling into the Red Sox-Fenway Park and Cubs-Wrigley Field black holes. The stadium is losing it's touch as a modern facility and Steinbrenner wants a new one. He brings in so much money, he will get one.

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Guest Moneyball

the yankees shouldn't ask the gov for money if you have an 180 million dollar payroll i'm sure you can build your own stadium. the boss ruined that stadium when he renovated it in the 70's it looks like a damn cookie cutter from the outside. compared to old pics they old one looked better. IMO fenway, wrigley, yankee stadium should never be abandoned. tiger and comiskey stadium were mistakes in abandoning.

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The plan is for the stadium to be financed with private dollars, meaning that the Yankees would pay for the facility. However, they would like the state and city to pitch in to build replacement parkland (state law obligates them to replace the acreage that would be lost by taking Macombs Dam Park), a new commuter rail stop, a ferry landing and a hotel and convention center.



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