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Trading Penny?

The Swede

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Is anyone else upset that the Marlins are moving Penny? We saw last season and in the playoffs that winning is dependent heavily on pitching, specifically starting pitching. We are moving a topline, young starter for next to nothing: a mediocre hitter in Lo Duca, (I don't care that he is a catcher. He is still a mediocre hitter) a mediocre outfielder in Encarnacion who lost his job in the playoffs last year and has been a dissapointment in LA, and a relief pitcher, Mota. Now, Mota is a very good setup man, but he is only a setup man. He is not a starter. In my mind, anyone guy in the bullpen except perhaps the closer is greatly overrated. We saw last year that you can patch together a bullpen by trading prospects for journeyman. You cannot, however, patch together a starting staff, which is what we will have to do in trading penny. We are looking at losing 75% of the games in which we have a minor leaguer pitching in Penny's place. Not having a bullpen set up guy impacts us much less.


Also, we are actually taking on salary with this deal. Lo Duca, Mota, and Encarnacion make in the area of 4 million a year. IN addition to all this we are trading our starting first baseman who is cheap and progressing and our best pitching prospect.


I understand that we do not think that we are going to be able to re-sign Penny, so why don't we trade him for prospects, instead of mediocre major leaguers who actually force us to take on salary. I think we should continue this year with our full staff, and trade Penny in the offseason for top young prospects. Or if they are insistent on trading Penny now then go and get top level prospects. Trade him for Edwin Jackson on the dodgers or other minor leaguers. Starting pitching is at a tremendous premium, but wiht this deal we are giving away penny without reaping the rewards. The pirates are getting more for a lesser pitcher in Benson. Maybe it's just me. Does anyone agree with me and find the whole idea of trading Penny for mediocre current major leaguers ridiculous?

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