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Come on People!


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I know Brad and Hee Seop were players we all liked to watch, and we all enjoyed watching them 'grow' if you will. But realize that the players we are getting make us a better team.


1B- Conine>Choi

OF- defensively Encarnacion is an upgrade over almost anyone, and his offense might get better moving back to a more familiar scenario. This is, of course if we dont trade him and prospects for Walker. If anyone can convincingly argue that after we get Walker we are not a better team, you are either lying or joking.

C- Paul LoDuca is an All Star and a .300 hitter. He is also good defensively and I have heard that he calls a good game.


Seriously, I hate seeing Choi and Penny go, especially Choi...but I'm very happy to see that the front office wants to win now.

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first off, you should be addressing which of these combos is better offensively:


encarnacion + lo duca (who slumps every 2nd half and has been doing just that for the past two months)




choi + redmond/treanor



THEN, you should address which of these is better in terms of pitching:


penny + murphy




mota (and no 5th starter)

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C- Paul LoDuca


He is also good defensively


defensively, paul lo duca is throwing out a whopping 28% of base stealers this season.


he's also second in all of MLB in passed balls with 7, and this is in less than half a season's worth of starts at catcher.

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Guys, you all are forgetting two very big parts of the formula for Beinfest's plan to success.


1) Speed

2) Defense


LoDuca and Enc are both pretty fast and pretty good defensively.


Choi's faster than Lo Duca and one of the best defensive first baseman in the league.

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he is still better then our catchers by comitee


conine has more RBI's then choi and is starting to get hot amd has the experience in playoffs with 2 rings and we all now what he can do in the post season, no one knows what choi would do if we would have gotten to the playoffs with him.


Lo duca way better than any catcher we have and our catchers cant throw anyone out anyways


Encarnacion has more RBI's then choi also and he has great D....... and for thos who say oh its depending who is hitting in front of you thats why choi dosent have many rbi's well if i recall he had JP,castillo,lowell,and cabs. who are all hitting over .300 there is no excuse why he couldnt get more rbi's


also the trade might not even be done yet enc. might be traded for a 5th starter or Admin walker who knows..... maybe a 3 way deal with the marlins sending Enc. to the rockies, the rockies sending walker to the red sox who want him to play 1st base and boston sending lowe to us?????

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From Rotoworld.com


Admin Walker has used his no-trade clause to block a deal to Texas, TSN's Ken Rosenthal reports.

No word on who would have went to the Rockies. It remains uncertain whether Walker is willing to accept a trade to Florida or if the Marlins are even close to agreeing to a deal with Colorado. Jul. 30 - 9:41 pm et


I found that interesting, if he used his no trade to block it, that means the FO of the rocks accepted it right?

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