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Beinfest owns ALL!


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Marlins got a good trade!




Look the bottom line is we were not going to be able to keep both Penny and Pavano after this season. Also, despite the game against the Phillies we have struggled bigtime offensively and I honestly did not see us making it to the playoffs with the roster staying as it was. We needed a productive bat at the Catcher spot and while I miss Choi he was a big strikeout liability and practically useless against lefties. The biggest problem was our bullpen and now with the addition of Mota it really makes for an incredible 1-2 punch at the end of a game. All in all we filled all the holes and we weakened our strength (starting pitching) but there is more of a balance now. We needed to trade from our strength to get any significat deal and we did, and I think we needed to let Penny go. I love the big guy and I will miss he and Choi but he was going to be gone anyway and we needed the help on offense and bullpen.


Anyways this is just my 2 cents on everything. I applaud Beinfest for his work and it really shows how much this organization has turned around the last couple of years. How nice is it that we are buyers and not sellers for 2 years in a row now. Go Marlins!

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