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Question: How many games did we lose last year?


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Rferry, normall you are right on, but this one you are way off. We started terribly last year WITH Fudge and Enc but NO CABRERA. Check after May what happened last year. And then, get a W/L record with Cabs, Fudge, and Enc in the same lineup. You may be surprised.

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P.S. I'll eat crow if Beinfest, LoDuca, Enc and the rest show me up.


But until then, you are going to give this deal a chance and not form an opinion... :mischief


Sure, because there hasn't been a thread posted every minute since the trade saying the same damn thing (youngsters suck, medicore veterans rule, and the 7th,8th and9th innings are more important than the 6 innings that precede them).

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