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RAW Thoughts:


Nice to stray from the usual opening....Good fire shown by Regal again here....This week during Diva's crap: I switch to Sox/Rays game on ESPN....The non-title tag match was pretty energetic, albeit short....Nice to see the new ref really DOES have a name....Even the Tomko/Rosey matched was decent. Whoda thunkit?....I was wondering what music Regal would come down too. The answer of course: none....


I wonder if bleeding that much is good for Regal, knowing of his past condition....I thought the crowd was behind Edge during the Highlight Reel....Anybody get flashbacks to Warrior/Hogan from WCW when Bischoff talked into the mirror?....I was getting my parents hooked on "Reno 911" during the Kane/Maven match....Real good main event, too. A few weeks ago, I noted here how Flair had been calling his spots pretty obviously. Tonight, I caught a loud "backslide" and I saw him mouth "kneedrop" before he hit the moves.

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