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the only legitimate anti-war candidate was dean.


it almost turns my stomach when i hear people cite as one of their reasons for supporting kerry: "because he was against the war."


anyone who followed the primary could tell you john kerry didn't begin to paint himself as an anti-war candidate until dean (and clark to an extent) started pulling away with it.


john kerry is many things, but anti-war he is not... it's such a joke that he continues to use iraq as a crutch as much as he does.

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This has been posted numerous times and discussions have already been had on it. Try and keep up.



Its simple. Bush is trying to evade the fact that Iraq is his debacle. He is trying to push the responsibility of the war on Kerry. So his machine has pumped out this propaganda. Some conservatives keep saying Kerry needs to say who he is and not just attack Bush. Well why cangt Bush do that? Why doesnt he address HIS strategy for Iraq? Why doesnt he address healthcare? Why doesnt he address education? Why doesnt he address civil liberties?


It shows how much of a joke he is making this election by resorting to simple concepts like "flip flop." Its like some of you have never followed politics at all. Why dont you try and defend Bush and his flipflops instead of attacking Kerry. Here, defend this one: In February, Bush said payroll data were better indicators of economic health. He said household surveys was not. That was because the former numbers were better for him. Now he is reversing and saying the payroll data is less accurate and houshold numbers are more accurate for economic health. Why? You guessed it, the later looks better for him? Please explain this flipflopping those of you who are so frightened by politics?

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