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Braden Looper's New Entrance


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ya i know.. as a closer he shouldnt be so SOFT..... im saying get in trouble get mad, be the Bad Boy!!!


Percivel, Nen,E.G,Revria,Smoltz, Wagner, all Nasty MEN remember the Ice MAN?


got to have that persona it indimadates the batter.....


cant have a soft a** cookie like Benitiez or Mesa or any those other rejects!!

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"b**** i aint scared, i aint scared, b**** i aint scared, i aint scared motherf***er!"....


2 words: lil jon


And Lowell really needs some new music...Party Up by DMX? I know it is like the classic White Boy rap song, but that was like 4 years ago man! He had it last season too.


I want someone to play some Skynyrd or Allman Brothers or Molly Hatchet when they get up there...we get Creed, Metallica, Ozzy, or rap (or some Samba junk--A Gon).

Chipper's Crazy Train is so played out.

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