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Lo Duca, Lowell, & Conine

Flag Man

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The Cardinals will make the play-offs on talent.

We will make it on the backs of Lo Duca, Lowell and Conine

(and Pavano, Harris, Mordecai).

This is the Spine of the team.

Spine can beat talent when the going gets tough.

These guys are not going to bend or break.

They are Team players who know what it takes and will be Jack's "angels."

Marlins will prey on the spine-less, ego-laden, pretenders.

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Cabrera is our most talented player and his play down the stretch will be critical.

But, I don't include him in the Spine of the team which means on the field and in the dugout and in the clubhouse.


Someday, probably.


Meanwhile, I cite Lo Duca, Lowell, and Conine (with support from Pavano, Harris and Mordecai.)


We need those special Veterans. And we have them. Horses we need for the stretch on the field, in the dugout and the clubhouse.

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Baseball is a team game, and the Marlins, if they have any chance of the playoffs, it won't be on the back of a veteran .300 hitting catcher. It won't be on the back of the pitching staff. It won't be on the back of veterans. It will take everyone stepping up.

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indeed rferry...


most of this team is considered veterans by now...heck they've played in a World Series before. They've played in the playoffs before. They've been 5 outs away from going home in the NLCS. They've been in a Wild Card race before.


It's gonna take more than a "spine". If you are going for a body analogy, make sure to include more than the spine...the brain, muscles, bones, etc. are all key.

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